Emirates Chauffeur Service: Information about the Emirates Chauffeur Service for Passengers

7:52 am  |  20.06.2023
Emirates Chauffeur Service

If you fly in Business or First Class you can use the Emirates Chauffeur Service free of charge. Here you can find information on how to use it and whether there are any restrictions.

Information on Emirates Chauffeur Service

Terminal 3 at Dubai International Airport

As a passenger, you have to somehow get to the airport where you fly. As a rule, most people use their own car and then park it at the airport for the duration of the trip. Furthermore, you might have to take a bus to the terminal. So it’s easily an hour there before you even get to the check-in counter. When you fly with Emirates Airline you have many advantages that other airlines do not offer. This means that a free Emirates chauffeur service can be used there. You will be picked up from your home and driven directly to the terminal at the airport. This saves you a lot of time and you don’t have to worry about anything anymore. Of course, the airline Emirates always wants to offer its passengers the best that is possible. So it is best if you book the flight to Dubai with this airline.

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Who Can Use This Service

Emirates Airline First Class

The Emirates Chauffeur Service is only available for Business and First Class passengers. This means you have to book a flight in this flight class and then you can use the service. If you are flying in Economy Class then it is not possible to use this transfer. There you have to organize the transfer to the airport yourself. An alternative would be to contact a private provider. Many companies now also offer airport transfers. However, this is of course not free and you have to pay something for it. So you should then consider whether you would rather park at the airport.

Is the Transfer Free

Emirates Airlines | New business class

As already mentioned, this service is free and the passengers in the expensive flight class do not have to pay anything for it. Of course, a flight in Business Class or First Class costs significantly more than in Economy Class. So you can expect more services there if you have to pay more. However, there are a few restrictions and in Business Class you can live a maximum of 40 kilometers from the airport. It is a little more in First Class and there it is up to 80 kilometers. However, it is also possible for an additional payment. For example, if you fly business class and live 70 kilometers from the airport, you pay for it yourself. Emirates will cover the rest of the cost.

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How to Book the Transfer

It’s very simple and you can do it online on the Emirates homepage. Simply enter the booking number and select the desired day and time. Furthermore, the Emirates Chauffeur Service can be booked up to 12 hours before departure. After that, a driver comes home with a limousine at the agreed time and you drive relaxed to the airport. So you don’t have to worry about parking anymore. Because you will be driven directly in front of the departure terminal. This is the same on the return flight and the driver is already waiting for the passengers in the arrivals area. So this has been made very easy and convenient.


The Emirates Chauffeur Service can only be used by adult passengers and a maximum of two people are allowed per limousine. Furthermore, two pieces of luggage and one piece of hand luggage can be transported free of charge. This service is also exclusively for Emirates passengers. If you are flying with another partner airline such as Qantas then you cannot use it. But if you have booked the transfer you will get more information about how it works.

Can You Use the Emirates Chauffeur Service in Dubai?

Of course, the Emirates Chauffeur Service can also be used after arrival at Dubai International Airport. That means there are numerous limousines ready for the passengers and you only have to go to the counters. So you will be driven very quickly and luxuriously to the booked hotel in Dubai. If you then want to go back to the airport, you simply book a new appointment. The transfer is always carried out in clean limousines with enough space for luggage.

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Vehicle Models

If you fly in business class, you are usually driven to the airport at home in a BMW 5 Series. Transport in First Class is a bit more luxurious and you can even drive a Mercedes S Class limousine there. There is even free WiFi and leather seats. Thus, comfort already begins on the way to the airport. BMW limousines are also usually used in Dubai.

Our Opinion

If you live near the mentioned airports then this is definitely worth it. Then you don’t have to worry about anything and will be driven to the airport. But if you live further away you should consider whether it’s still worth it. You have to know that you have to pay something extra. But the service is definitely great and other airlines can’t keep up there. We therefore always recommend flying to Dubai with Emirates, as this airline not only has the best service but also the best flight times.

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