Emirates A380: The Best Seats

9:32 pm  |  13.12.2021
Emirates A380

Here you can find out where the best seats are in the Emirates A380. This is particularly important on a long-haul flight because you have to sit in the plane for a very long time.

Learn about Emirates Best Seats on the A380

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If you fly to Dubai, or even further, for example, to Thailand and much more then you will spend at least six hours on the plane. Either you go on vacation to the United Arab Emirates, or you have a stopover at Dubai International Airport. Furthermore, the selection of good seats is very important so that you can feel comfortable during the flight. 

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There are passengers who have not prepared well for the flight to Dubai and have not made an Emirates seat reservation. Then you are simply allocated a free seat. It may well be that this is also good. But this can also be very bad and then you are happy when the plane is about to land and then you can get off the plane again. So choosing the right seat is very important and you can easily avoid problems.

Window Seat Advantages and Disadvantages

First of all, you should know that the seating in the Emirates A380 in Economy Class consists of a total of three rows. These are divided into three, four, and three more seats. But it is always very popular to get a window seat where you can look out of the plane. Now you probably ask yourself whether there are any disadvantages if you are a single traveler, for example. If you have a flight of at least six hours you will definitely have to go to the toilet.

If you then sit directly at the window then you have two seats next to you. That means you have to ask these passengers to get up so that you can even pass there. But usually, this is not a problem and the passengers then already know that they want to go to the toilet. Another advantage of a window seat is that you have a little more privacy because you don’t notice the service from the flight attendants.

Seat Directly on the Aisle

Emirates Airline Economy Class

Then there are seats that are directly in the aisle. There you have the advantage that you can just get up to go to the toilet. You don’t have to ask other passengers to get up. Furthermore, you have a little more legroom where you can stretch your feet out into the aisle. This is not the case with a window seat, for example. But there are also disadvantages and the flight attendants are constantly walking around in the aisle. This can of course also be annoying when you want to sleep. It can then also be the case that other passengers walking past touch you because the aisle is very narrow.

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Insider Tip Emergency Exit Seats with More Legroom

Especially on long-haul flights, you always want more legroom when you fly in Emirates Economy Class. Every centimeter counts there. But there is an insider tip where you have almost as much space as in Business Class. That means you reserve a seat directly at the emergency exit where there are no more seats in front of you. By the way, there are also a few seats that can be folded down by the crew. They have to sit down there during landing and take-off. But during the flight, you have a lot of space that you can imagine. However, these seats are also very popular and always occupied quickly. Furthermore, an additional fee has to be paid there if you want to reserve it. But if you sit on the plane for a long time then it is definitely worth it.

Bulkhead Seating

The bulkhead seats with a wall in front of them also offer a lot of legroom. That means there are no passengers who sit in front of you and then fold the seat backward. In any case, this is a great advantage. Incidentally, the legroom there is significantly greater than with the other seats. But there are also disadvantages and many airlines use this area for a cot, for example. This can be hung there. As a rule, these seats on the plane are mainly intended for families with children and cannot be reserved. Furthermore, you have to expect baby cries in this area as well. If the flight then goes overnight then you can certainly not sleep well. So you should make sure that you are very far away from this seat if you want to have some peace and quiet.

Central Aisle

Emirates Boeing 777 First Class

In the middle of the aircraft, there are four seats in the A380. There you have no window view and if you are still sitting right in the middle you don’t have a lot of space. If you have to go to the toilet then all the other passengers have to get up again. In our opinion, these places should be avoided. Unless you are a family with two children and then everyone can sit in a row, which is another advantage. But when the person in front folds the seatback to sleep it can get very tight.

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Avoid Seating Near Toilets

There are also several seats on the aircraft that are located near the onboard toilets. The advantage is certainly that you can go to them very quickly. But these are always very well attended, especially after the service on the plane. That means there are constantly other passengers going in and out of there. If you then maybe want to get some sleep then this is very annoying. Another big disadvantage is the smells that can come out of the toilet. So these are not particularly recommended.

Best Seats

You should definitely take a close look at the seat when you reserve your seat. Furthermore, you should make the reservation of the seats well in advance of the flight. There you have the advantage that you can choose these yourself. If you don’t do this then you will simply be assigned a free one. You should also know that the best seats are always occupied quickly. If you have the necessary change then you should fly in Emirates Business Class or even Emirates First Class. There you definitely have a lot more legroom and privacy.

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