Emirates A380 Shower: In First Class, You Can Try Out the Emirates A380 Shower

1:08 pm  |  17.12.2021
Emirates A380 Shower

The Emirates A380 shower is available to all First Class passengers. It is an experience to try this out at an altitude of 10,000 meters.

Emirates A380 Shower Information

Emirates’ first-class bathroom

If you fly with Emirates Airline from Dubai then you have the choice to fly from Emirates Economy Class, Emirates Business Class, and also the exclusive First Class. But there is a huge difference in comfort from what you can think of. One of the highlights of the first class is the Emirates A380 shower, where you can practically enjoy hotel comfort on the plane. This is particularly interesting for business travelers as you can treat yourself to a short shower there before landing. But only very few airlines in the world offer such a service. You can certainly imagine that this is only intended for very few passengers and it is something very special. Incidentally, this is only possible in the Emirates A380 and in no other aircraft of the airline. On this page, you can only find out everything about this special shower if you want to do it once.

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Which Passengers are Allowed to Use This Shower?

As already mentioned, the Airbus A380 from Emirates is divided into different flight classes. The most expensive is of course First Class and only these passengers can use the Emirates A380 shower. For example, if you book a business class flight, you will not be able to use it. Furthermore, this would not be possible if all passengers wanted to use the shower. The Emirates Business Class has a capacity of 76 seats. In contrast, there are only 14 seats in First Class and theoretically all passengers there are also able to use this. But usually, there are only a few passengers who want to try it out. So this is only intended for certain people and you have to pay more for the flight accordingly.

You Have to Register in Advance

Emirates A380 shower

In First Class, there are only 14 seats and if you want to use the Emirates A380 shower then you have to register at least one hour before landing and inform the crew so that you would like to do so. The reason is of course that not all passengers can use this at the same time, even though there are only 14. There are only two showers on the plane and if everyone wanted to use them at the same time then this would of course not be possible.

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Where is the Emirates A380 Shower Located?

Now you are probably wondering where the shower is on the plane. The answer is in the upper deck of the aircraft where the first class is located. Incidentally, this is a smaller compartment where you can of course enjoy a lot of privacy as a passenger. The shower is right at the front and a flight attendant will show you there. Furthermore, this area is called the Shower Spa and you also get a brief instruction on how to use it.

How Long Can You Use the Bathroom?

A very important question is of course how long you can use the Emirates A380 shower at all. As a rule, this takes a little longer than you can imagine. But you have a total of 30 minutes to use the bathroom. That means at this time you have to be ready because maybe another passenger is waiting to use it. You also have to know that there are only five minutes of water in the shower. But you will be pointed out straight away so that you don’t get scared there. But this is completely sufficient for a shower. Of course, you shouldn’t shower as intensely and for as long as you would in a hotel room. But there is also a small display in the shower where you can see how long the water will be available. In any case, you should be ready by then so that you don’t stand in the shower full of soap.

Water is Precious Above the Clouds

You can certainly imagine that there is not unlimited water available above the clouds. You are not in a hotel room where water can constantly flow. Therefore, each passenger only has five minutes because there is only a certain amount of water onboard the aircraft. Furthermore, the water pressure is not as strong as in a normal shower. There are already differences there and you will notice that very quickly. But a big advantage is certainly the underfloor heating so that you don’t freeze while showering, which is very practical.

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The Emirates A380 Shower is Always Cleaned

Before the Emirates A380 shower is used, it is cleaned thoroughly by the flight attendants. This means that it has been thoroughly cleaned and you feel like you are entering a hotel room for the first time. It is something very extraordinary that you should treat yourself to once. There are also numerous amenities available to passengers that can be used free of charge. That means you don’t need to bring anything with you because the utensils are probably stowed in the suitcase. You get free shower gel, shampoo, body lotion, perfume, towels, and much more.


So that you can use this you have to book first class. That means a flight there costs several thousand euros and of course not everyone can afford that. But if you take part in the Emirates Skywards miles program, you can, for example, book a business class flight and then upgrade to first class. It is definitely possible. But there you have to be a frequent flyer as you can imagine.

Our Opinion

In any case, the Emirates A380 shower is an experience and if you fly in this flight class then you should try it out. As already mentioned, this is perfect for business travelers who, for example, have a business appointment right after landing. Thus, after a long-haul flight, they arrive completely relaxed and clean at the destination airport. But you also have to spend a lot more money if you want to do this. Definitely worth it in our opinion.

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