Emirates A380 Bar: A Special Highlight for the Business and First Class Passengers is the Emirates A380 Bar

7:24 pm  |  18.03.2022
Emirates A380 Bar

A special highlight for the business and first class passengers is the Emirates A380 bar where you can spend the time during the flight to Dubai. It is an experience that you should try again.

Information about the Emirates A380 Bar

The airline Emirates from Dubai is known for the largest airplane in the world and that is the Emirates A380. Incidentally, the airline from the United Arab Emirates is also the largest operator of this type of aircraft and currently over 100 machines thereof in the fleet. Especially for tourists this is always something special if you can fly with this airplane.

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As already mentioned, it is an experience what other airlines do not offer. The Emirates A380 Bar is a bit extraordinary and no other airline in the world has something comparable. Another highlight is, for example, the Emirates A380 shower and of course you should also try it out if you fly to Dubai. There is so much to discover that the flight time of six hours no longer sufficient to try everything out.

Which Passengers May Use the Bar

The bar in the A380 by Emirates

Surely you would like to use the Emirates A380 bar. However, this is reserved only the first and business class passengers and thus one has no way to try them as Economy Class passenger. Furthermore, this area is also closed and the passengers of the Economy Class must not enter this area.

The bar is of course something extraordinary and the flight to Dubai should be made as pleasant as possible for the paying clientele. That said, who gives more money for the plane ticket gets more services. Especially for business travelers, the bar is recommended because you can still talk to other passengers during the flight.

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Where is the Bar in the Plane

A flight attendant of Emirates

Now you ask yourself where the Emirates A380 bar is in the plane. Since this type of aircraft has two flight decks, the bar is housed in the upper deck. Because exactly there are also the expensive flight classes. This is the business and first class. Furthermore, you should know that this area is completely separated from the Economy Class.

The expensive flight classes can be reached via a staircase and as already mentioned there is a barrier. There are always curious passengers who would like to throw a look into the upper deck. But that is not possible and the passengers do not want to spend the more money for the flight can not be disturbed what you can imagine. You will always be adopted by the flight managers friendly that you can not go there.


Of course, it is not possible that all passengers during the flight also have enough space in the Emirates A380 bar. As a rule, there are always only a few passengers who like to represent the feet. Furthermore, there are also a few seats that you can use. But you can not spend the whole flight there and should go back to his seat again after a certain time.

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In our assessment, about ten passengers have room that would like to talk. There is also a sofa bed and even seating with a small table which is advantageous if you can serve a cocktail. But if every passenger would like to use the bar then this would of course not be possible because this area is just too small.

Since this is a bar, there are small snacks and cocktails served there. Our tip is to enjoy a cocktail in the Emirates A380 Bar and the flight attendants have been trained on it. That means these can mix about 14 different cocktails and of course they taste very well. Certainly this is a privilege that can not do anyone and something special.

Furthermore, you also get small snacks served such as salt bars, nuts and a lot more. Then there is still the possibility that you can serve fresh fruits. But the menu during the flight you always get served at the seat and not at the bar. Thus you should always stop there only a certain time there.


Certainly also an important question is whether you have to pay a fee for the use of the emirates A380 bar. The answer is no and if you are passenger of Business Class or First Class then you can use them for free. Of course, the fares are significantly more expensive as in the economy class and therefore you also get better achievements you can use if you want.

Emirates flight attendant

The security is always in an airplane always before and therefore one can only use the Emirates A380 bar if the plane has reached a certain travel height. That means when starting or landing from the plane, the bar is of course closed and then you have to wait until it is opened. In general, you can always realize this when the passengers get up and then go to the bar.

Our Opinion

In any case, you should use the Emirates A380 bar if you fly in the Business Class or First Class. One has the opportunity to represent a little bit the feet and that is very practical. You can then mix yourself a good cocktail and thus the flight passes practically as in the flight.

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