Education and Rules: Literacy Rate in the UAE

11:37 pm  |  08.10.2023

The UAE’s population is projected to increase by 92,756 due to migration. In other words, the number of permanent residents entering the country will exceed the current total number of residents.

Life expectancy is one of the most important demographic indicators. This means only the average number of years lived by a person.

UAE Population Literacy

In other words, how long can a person live before their vitality and mortality stabilize? Typically “life expectancy” means 0 years at birth.

The overall life expectancy at birth in the UAE is 76.5 years.

The average life expectancy for men is 73.9 years.

The average life expectancy of women is 79.2 years.

About Population

The youth literacy rate for men and women is 99.61% and 99.1% respectively. Overall, the youth literacy rate is 99.43%. In this case, the constituent part of the term “youth” is the population aged 15 to 24 years.

An estimated 7,479,664 people over the age of 15 living in the UAE can read and write in their language. This is 93.83% of the entire adult population. Therefore, approximately 491,475 adults remain illiterate.

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Of course, the UAE has achieved positive growth since the 1990s. The population increases by 9% every year. By 2100 the population will reach 14.5 million. At the end of this century, the natural increase could fall by 0.13%.

UAE Population Density

The total land area of the United Arab Emirates is 83,600 square kilometers.

The local population exceeds a million people. The indigenous people of the UAE are Sunni Muslims, making up 11% of the population. Indigenous people in the UAE have advantages in employment. Only 10% of the total population are unemployed.

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Note. UAE locals have an advantage over visitors. Local residents receive financial support from the authorities and occupy leadership positions in the social sphere. The absence of free education, housing, employment, and tax obligations gives UAE citizens a higher standard of living.

There are 2.6 times more men than women in the UAE. Therefore, it advises against allowing women to travel to the UAE alone. Imagine the intense sexual pressure from local men. Despite strict Islamic Sharia law, prostitution still exists in the UAE.

Important info. Sexual violence is a prevalent issue, yet criminal cases are seldom filed. In order to pursue legal action, a woman who reports a sexual assault must provide proof. If there is no physical evidence of an attack, the incident may not be recorded as a rape.

To obtain citizenship, you must have resided legally in the United Arab Emirates for at least 30 years. In addition, you must not be convicted of crimes, ignorance of Arabic, or renunciation of citizenship of other countries.


In addition, you need to prove that you have a high legal income and education and pass security checks. Likewise, the law does not specify actual income or education levels. In other words, the state can deny citizenship without giving anyone a reason.

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The UAE is an Islamic country with Sharia law. On the territory of the country, the scope of activity is limited by religious principles and traditions. The emirate has its own laws based on Sharia law. According to Islamic rules, UAE residents are prohibited from selling alcohol without a certificate, and the certificate is only issued to local citizens. It is prohibited to appear in public places while intoxicated.

Hugging and kissing in public is prohibited in the emirate. Tourists in Dubai face fines or jail time for using e-cigarettes, illegal drugs, foul language, and offensive gestures.

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