Dubai Weather in December: Between 25 to 30 Degrees

11:39 pm  |  14.11.2021
Dubai Weather in December

The Dubai weather in December is characterized by still warm temperatures of around 25 degrees. But at night these cool down and you need a jacket or sweater.

Information about Dubai Weather in December

The month of December, in particular, is always very popular with many tourists. Because that’s where you want to spend your winter vacation and many then decide to fly into the sun again. The emirate of Dubai can be reached quickly and you can spend a beach holiday there. It is of course very important to spend New Year’s Eve in Dubai, for example. So this is a very popular travel time that you can imagine. We recommend that you always reserve your hotel in Dubai in good time, as the demand there is very high. If you want to go on vacation this month then we have the necessary information here that you should know. Of course, you always expect sun and warm temperatures on holiday.


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First of all, you should know that it is not cold there and that the Dubai weather in December is still very good. But this month is one of the cooler months of the year. That means you can still expect around 25 degrees there during the day. Furthermore, it can sometimes even have up to 30 days. But that is more the exception and the temperatures then always level off around these values. At night, however, it is no longer so tropical and a jacket or sweater is recommended.

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It may well be that these then go down to 15 degrees, or even cooler. In any case, you can then do without the air conditioning in the hotel room and that is also a great advantage. There are also many tourists who cannot tolerate air conditioning, for example. So this travel time is particularly suitable for them.

Can You Still Go Swimming There in the Sea?

If you want to go on holiday there in December then you are certainly interested in going for a swim in the sea. You can still expect a water temperature between 23 to 26 degrees there. So this is very pleasant for most vacationers. But still, there are tourists who might find it too cool. There are always very different opinions there. But you still have the option of using the hotel’s pool, which is usually around 30 degrees. So the Dubai weather in December is not a problem if you want to go swimming. The children, in particular, are always looking forward to it and they will have a lot of fun.

What Clothes Should You Wear?

Basically, you can still wear a t-shirt and shorts in December. During the day you can always count on a lot of sunshine and then this clothing makes sense. But as soon as the sun has set in the emirate of Dubai it quickly gets cooler again. That means you will notice this quickly and that is not like in the hot months of summer. If you then want to visit a restaurant, for example at The Walk at Jumeirah Beach Residence or at La Mer, you should always have a jacket or sweater with you. As already mentioned, it can be around 20 degrees in the evening. Of course, this is still warm, but many then find it rather cool. At night it can go down to 15 degrees.

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Breakfast outside on the hotel’s terrace is very popular and is also popular with tourists. Then a nice view of the sea or the skyline of Dubai. This is how you imagine your vacation. In the summer months, it is so hot that you cannot do this. But the Dubai weather in December is so pleasant that this offers itself. You can usually have breakfast in most hotels in Dubai until 11:00 a.m.

You just wait until it has got a little warmer and then it might be around 22 degrees and thus the temperatures are perfect for breakfast. But you have to know that the other hotel guests would also like to have breakfast there. So the demand is then also very high. But if you have booked a good hotel in Dubai, it will certainly offer a lot of tables.

Do You Have to Sweat in this Month of Travel?

One advantage is that you don’t have to sweat so much anymore. Usually hardly anymore because the temperature is around 25 degrees. In the months of summer, the humidity is also very high and you start to sweat immediately when you are outdoors. In December this is not the case and you can enjoy the sun to recharge your batteries. Furthermore, you shouldn’t forget sun protection. If you stay too long in the sun, you can get sunburned there.

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The temperatures this month are perfect for a city trip or a beach holiday in Dubai. However, you have to know that it is also high season and the hotels are very well booked. So you have to spend a lot more money on an overnight stay. That is certainly a disadvantage in these travel months. Demand is particularly high over Christmas and New Year’s Eve. We recommend booking the hotel in July and then you can choose your preferred hotel.

Our Opinion

For a vacation, the Dubai weather in December is pleasant and it is neither too warm nor too hot. You can still go swimming in the sea or just look at the sights such as the Burj Khalifa. But you always have to know that the trip is more expensive. If you want to soak up the sun again then you should choose this travel month. If you want to save money then you should choose the months in summer.

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