Dubai Water Bus: The Dubai Water Bus is a Great Way to Explore the Marina and the Dubai Creek

9:05 pm  |  21.12.2022
Dubai Water Bus

The Dubai Water Bus is the perfect way for tourists to get around Dubai Creek or Dubai Marina. Both are stationed with several water buses that can be used. Visitors to the metropolis, in particular, like to use this service to move quickly on the water.

Dubai Creek

Surely you would like to get to know the old Dubai. This is very possible with the Dubai Water Bus. For example, you can go from Baniyas Station to Dubai Old Souq Station. There is the beautiful Old Souk where you can buy many souvenirs at a reasonable price. It is best if you buy a round-trip ticket. This means you can go there once and then go back. Other routes from there are to Al Ghubaiba and Al Seef. You should look at the map beforehand where the water bus goes everywhere.

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Connect to an Abra

It is certainly practical that you can ideally combine the Dubai Water Bus with an Abra. So you can easily reach all places on the creek at a reasonable price. The tickets for the water bus can be bought directly at the bus stop. There is a switch there where you can also get information. You don’t have to wait long for the next water bus to come. As a rule, they go to the other side every 15 minutes. But you have to keep the ticket because it has to be scanned. In principle, this is similar to the Dubai Metro.

Water Buses in Dubai Marina

Dubai Water Bus

For a few years now, the same water buses as on the Creek have also been driving in the Dubai Marina. This is very practical because it allows you to explore the marina very well. You can’t do this on foot because it’s just too big. For example, one can go directly from Dubai Marina Walk Station to Dubai Marina Mall Station. Other connections are to Marina Terrace. There you can buy a day ticket. With this, you can drive around the marina all day long. If you have booked a hotel there then this is of course even better.

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Air Conditioning

Dubai Creek

Since it is known to be very warm in Dubai, the Dubai Water Bus was also air-conditioned. So you don’t need to sweat while driving. There are also small monitors with information. A water bus has space for around 36 passengers. This is also ideal for small groups if you want to see the surroundings.

Driving Times

There are very different travel times at the creek and in the marina. There is a large map directly at the bus stop where you can see exactly when the travel times are. But you don’t have to wait long. Usually no more than 15 minutes. Then the next Dubai Water Bus comes. There are a lot of people on the road who drive in time.

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Of course, this always depends on where you want to go. A single trip usually only costs a few dirhams. It is therefore always advisable to buy a day ticket. If you want to drive several times then this is definitely worth it.

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