Dubai Vaccinations: Questions about Health

4:07 pm  |  04.09.2021
Dubai Vaccinations

Before traveling to the emirate you should also find out about the Dubai vaccinations. We will explain exactly which ones are necessary and recommended here.

Information on Dubai Vaccinations

Basically, there are no compulsory vaccinations that are necessary if you want to travel to Dubai. But there are standard vaccinations that you should have done so that you are always on the safe side. There are always many tourists who neglect that. They are of the opinion that this is not needed.

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If there is a health problem then a lot of people wonder why they didn’t do it. So you should always deal with the Dubai vaccinations when you can go on vacation in the United Arab Emirates. It is important for tourists that Dubai has a very good health system.

Which Vaccinations are Recommended

Before traveling to Dubai you should check the vaccination book if you have the following vaccinations. These are, for example, diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, polio, measles, mumps, rubella, or pneumococci. Travel vaccinations in particular are always very important so that you are well protected there. Here, hepatitis A and hepatitis B are a standard that should be adhered to. If you decide to go on vacation there for a long time then you should definitely do it. That means you should have the Dubai vaccinations refreshed, or even get them completely new.

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Where Should You Get Vaccinated?

It is very important that you should have your family doctor vaccinated a few months before your trip. There is then no point in having the idea done a few days in advance. This can take months to get complete vaccination protection. The family doctor can provide the necessary information for this.

Don’t Forget Your International Health Insurance

If you have a health problem while on vacation, it is always very important to have international health insurance. As a rule, the costs must be paid immediately in cash on site. Most of the time, this can become expensive very quickly and several hundred euros come together very quickly. If you then have insurance, the costs can be reimbursed at home. You stay seated at the expense if you haven’t locked one. That is why travel preparation is very important.

What Diseases Occur in Dubai

Usually, harmless illnesses occur during a Dubai vacation. Most of the time these are just colds because tourists are not used to the air conditioning. You can then catch this very quickly there. Furthermore, long trousers or a sweater should always be in the luggage. Depending on the time of year, you can really use this there if you are in an air-conditioned shopping mall.

Diseases Caused by Mosquitoes

For a few years now there has also been an increasing number of mosquitos in Dubai. That is why the Dubai vaccinations are very important here. But these are not yet dangerous for tourists and you do not need a vaccination against malaria. Many artificial lakes have been built there and these are of course perfect for mosquitos. They like to stay there. But usually, you get a harmless mosquito bite there and after a few days, it will disappear again.

MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome)

The infectious disease MERS has also occurred sporadically on the Arabian Peninsula since 2012. 

The cause of the disease there is a coronavirus. One thinks that camels are the carriers and it is best not to get too close to them. Particular caution always applies here when riding camels. It’s always a lot of fun for the children. But you shouldn’t ignore the dangers of what can happen there. However, there have only been a few isolated incidents in the past. Tourists have not yet been harmed there. But the topic of Dubai vaccinations should always be considered.

Import of Medicines

There are a few things to consider when you are on holiday in Dubai, especially when importing medication. Here we have written an extra article about medication in Dubai. You should read this carefully beforehand. However, there are only problems when you have to take strong medication. That is prescription drugs. Everything you can buy in the pharmacy, you don’t have to worry there.

Medical Supplies

 As already mentioned, the medical care in Dubai is very good and you don’t have to be afraid there. However, it is always very important to have international health insurance here. 

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You can of course have your Dubai vaccinations refreshed on-site. But weeks or even months can pass for these to have an effect. Then you would be home again and it is best to do this beforehand. But if you as a tourist always pay attention to thorough hygiene then you will not have any problems there.

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