Dubai Transport: Pride of the Arab Emirates

8:36 pm  |  30.08.2021
Dubai Transport

In Dubai, there are many different modes of transport that tourists can use and these are also very cheap compared to other cities in the world and which one can be used we have put together on this page. After all, you want to get around the city and Dubai is very large in terms of area and therefore you always need the right means of transport to get from A to B.

Shuttle Buses from the Hotels

As a rule, the hotels offer a free shuttle service with a bus to the largest and most famous shopping malls such as the Dubai Mall or souks. You can find out in advance whether such a service will be offered to guests or not.

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Furthermore, it is regulated very differently at the hotels and with some buses. You can simply get on at certain times and will then be picked up again. In other hotels, you have to register in advance as the demand is very high and not all guests have space. Otherwise, the hotel would have to run several buses.

Dubai Taxi

Certainly one of the most popular modes of transport is the taxi, of which there are thousands in the city. With this, you can get around very cheaply and safely. But there are also a few things to consider if you want to drive a taxi in Dubai. Only get into the official taxis that can be recognized by the Dubai Taxi label.

In the meantime, there are also other companies that also offer a taxi service, mostly with white limousines that are perhaps a bit more comfortable, but cost significantly more. There are also special women’s taxis that can only be used by women. These are also driven by women and can be recognized by their pink color. When driving a taxi you should always look at the taximeter as tourists like to be ripped off and the driver simply charges a little more than necessary.

Dubai Metro

 One of the fastest means of transport is definitely the metro and it is also very well developed with several lines. You can reach many sights in the city very quickly and tourists can buy a day pass where you can drive as often as you like, or you can just buy a single ticket for the route where you want to drive.

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But here you should get a timetable beforehand where you can see which lines there are and which stops. Most of the time the Dubai Metro is also overcrowded as many guest workers use it. Tourists use the metro, but not that often and those who need more space in the train can book the Gold Class which is a special compartment in the trains that is not so crowded. However, the surcharge for the Gold Class is almost as expensive as using a taxi. So you have then saved almost nothing.


 A very cheap means of transportation over Dubai Creek is to drive with an Abra, the wooden boats come with a small roof. 

Most of the time, a crossing only costs a few dirhams and you can cross the creek very quickly and cheaply. Most locals use this service and few tourists use them except for a tour of the creek. You don’t need a ticket there and the driver collects the amount directly on board the Abra.

Dubai Ferry

 For tourists, it is very interesting to use the Dubai Ferry where you can take a tour to many sights and this leaves in the Dubai Marina and at the Dubai Creek. A tour to Palm Island and the Burj al Arab, where you can also take great photos, is particularly recommended.

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The other tour leads from the creek out to the Persian Gulf and there you can see the skyline and the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa. You do not need to register there beforehand and you can simply buy a ticket on-site. However, you should get in line early because groups often come who then need the complete ferry and there is not much space left for vacationers.

Dubai Waterbus

At the Dubai Creek and now also in the Dubai Marina, there is the so-called Waterbus where you can, for example, cross the creek or drive around in the marina because it is very large. 

There you can simply buy a ticket for the usual travel times and a journey only takes a few minutes. The advantage is that the Dubai Waterbus is air-conditioned and you can easily get over the creek. However, this is also a bit more expensive than when you use a traditional abra.

The Palm Jumeirah Monorail

The Palm Island The Palm Jumeirah in Dubai is very big. You can’t walk it and that’s why there is The Palm Jumeirah Monorail where you can take a tour from the Atlantis Hotel to the beginning of the island.

This gives you a very good overview of where you can see many beautiful luxury villas during a drive. Simply buy a ticket and then you can leave the island at certain times. At the beginning of the island, you have to change trains if you want to go back to Atlantis.

Dubai Downtown Trolley Bus

Downtown Dubai, where the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall are located. It is also very large and most tourists are then just too lazy to walk around. 

The downtown trolley bus is very practical there. You can easily drive off everything with a so-called open-air bus where the roof is open at the top. With the hot temperatures in Dubai, of course, it makes sense where you can cool off while driving. You can also take great photos there.

Dubai Bus

 The metropolis of Dubai also has a very well-developed bus network with modern buses. You can get around the city. But most locals use them and hardly any tourists. 

You can get cheaply and quickly to all parts of the city in Dubai. The advantage is that the waiting boxes are even air-conditioned. Such a special service is probably only available in Dubai. So there are many different modes of transport in Dubai. Every tourist should decide for himself which one to use. It is best to find out exactly what they cost before traveling.

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