Dubai Stopover: There are Many Tips If You Want to Make a Stopover in Dubai

8:09 pm  |  08.03.2022
Dubai Stopover

For tourists it is possible to make a stopover in Dubai to see some of the city. What you have to pay attention to, we will explain here in detail.

Information on a Dubai Stopover

Surely you have already seen a lot about the Emirate of Dubai on television. If you have a stopover in Dubai then it is a good idea to get to know the metropolis better. Typically, many Emirates Airline passengers have a layover of a few hours at Dubai International Airport. Then you will definitely have many questions about whether you should visit the city and much more. The necessary information and tips are compiled here if you want to do them.

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Emirates Airline Offers a Stopover Program

Dubai Downtown with Burj Khalifa

It is recommended for passengers to use the stopover program of Emirates Airline. This is specially tailored if you fly with this airline and then want to see something of the city. There you will also get a lot of hotel suggestions where you can stay. Furthermore, the prices are very cheap because the hotels work together with the airline. However, it is not possible to pre-book this and contact the Hotels & Visas for Dubai counter in the Arrivals Hall. It doesn’t matter what time you land there and there is always an employee available who is happy to help. There are different packages that you can book and you usually get a transit visa for a period of 96 hours. So you have enough time to look at the city during a Dubai stopover.

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Are You Allowed to Leave the Airport There?

Dubai International Airport

As a rule, when making a stopover in Dubai, most passengers always stay in the duty-free area of ​​the airport. As already mentioned, you do not need a visa there and you have to spend the time there until the connecting flight takes off. There is no way to leave the airport. It is not permitted to look outside for a moment. So you would have to enter the United Arab Emirates and need a tourist visa. There you would get a visa for a period of 30 days, although you would like to fly on again after a few hours. So this doesn’t make sense and if you want to see the city you’d better take a few days and stay in a hotel.

Can You Get Hold of the Medication During a Dubai Stopover?

If you have a few hours layover at Dubai Airport then some passengers will also need medication to be taken. Maybe you have an illness and then you always have to take pills at certain times. However, it is the case there that you cannot get to your luggage during a Dubai stopover. Medicines that are urgently needed should always be carried in your hand luggage. Furthermore, only the quantities that are required for this. Then you have the opportunity to take them on site at the airport. You only get to see the checked baggage again when you have landed at the destination airport.

Which Hotels are Recommended

When making a stopover in Dubai, you should choose a hotel where you can quickly get back to the airport. The hotels are in good locations, for example in Downtown Dubai or Sheikh Zayed Road. From there you have a good opportunity to explore the city and see the sights such as the Burj Khalifa or the Dubai Mall. As a rule, a city hotel is also significantly cheaper than a beach hotel. But if you plan several days then you could also book a hotel on The Palm Jumeirah such as the Atlantis The Palm. It would be a shame if you didn’t see the beautiful beaches in Dubai.

What To Do 


Explore the city of course and here we recommend Dubai newcomers to book a Hop On Hop Off tour. There you can buy a ticket for 24 or 48 hours. With the open double-decker buses you will then be driven through the city and see the top sights of Dubai. You should not do this yourself and rather book such a tour. Otherwise you would lose too much time and see nothing of the city. In the metropolis there are many attractions that you can do and you cannot see everything. Therefore, you should make a plan in advance of what you want to see at all.

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Stopover at Night

As a rule, most planes land just before midnight and then you have a few hours. Now you are probably wondering what you can do there during a stopover in Dubai. We recommend spending the time there in the duty free area. You look at the shops there and maybe visit a restaurant. It is definitely not worth leaving the airport. We would rather recommend a few days there to explore the city.

Our Opinion

If you want to get to know the emirate, you should plan a Dubai stopover of at least 2 to 3 days. Then you have already seen a lot and maybe got the taste to go on vacation there again for a longer period of time. This is certainly the best option to do.

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