Dubai Stopover: Important Info for Tourists

11:10 pm  |  11.09.2021
Dubai Stopover

A Dubai stopover is a wonderful way to get to know the Arab metropolis. That means you stay there for two to three days and take a close look at everything with the sights. Then you just fly on to the desired destination. There are different ways you can do it. We will explain exactly what these are here.

Why Should You Do a Dubai Stopover?

There are many passengers who, for example, fly to Asia or Australia with Emirates. Furthermore, they have already seen a lot of Dubai on television. It is then a good idea to make a stopover there for a few days. Then the journey to the next destination is not that long and you don’t get jet lag anymore.

Dubai Stopover from 8 to 10 Hours

If you only have a little time then it is a good idea to stay in Dubai for just a few hours. But we always recommend tourists not to do this here. It is much better if you stay there for a few days. Otherwise, this will become too stressful and you will be completely overtired afterward. 

After all, the body also needs relaxation and it is better to take it easy. But it is possible that you can get to know Dubai in a few hours on a city tour. But as soon as you leave the transit area of ​​Dubai International Airport everyone needs a visa. It doesn’t matter whether you just want to stay there for a few hours or a few days.

Our Hotel Recommendations

Emirates Airline A380

A city hotel is always the best option for a stopover. From there you can very quickly get to the sights of Dubai. The Grand Hyatt Dubai or the Fairmont Dubai, for example, is very well located. If you want to stay in the highest hotel in the world, you should book the JW Marriott Marquis Dubai. With a taxi, you can get to the center very quickly from the hotel or with the Dubai Metro. Many hotels also offer guests a free shuttle bus that should be used. We only recommend reserving a beach hotel if you are there for at least five days. Otherwise, this makes no sense because the highlights are too far away.

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Emirates Stopover Program

Emirates airline also has an attractive program for a Dubai stopover. You can stay overnight there very cheaply and the airline works with some hotels where you can stay overnight. The offer cannot be booked in advance. You can only reserve it on-site at the Hotels & Visas for Dubai counter. This is located in the arrival hall. It doesn’t matter what time you land at Dubai Airport. You just go there and get information free of charge. You can have a whole package put together there and the staff will be happy to help. With this offer, you get a transit visa for 96 hours.

Go On Trips and Tours

If you have decided on a Dubai stopover then you also want to see something of the metropolis. We always recommend doing the Hop On Hop Off tour here. You probably know this from other cities in the world such as London, Berlin, or New York. There is the possibility to buy a ticket for 24 hours or 48 hours. The most famous highlights of Dubai such as the Burj Khalifa are then traveled by bus. You can then get on and off as often as you like. There are stops to all attractions as well as the Atlantis The Palm Hotel. But you can also book a normal Dubai city tour. Of course, it always depends on how much time you have.

Where Can You Book the Stopover

Burj Khalifa

There are also many different options here. Either you organize all of this yourself and book the hotels, transfers, and excursions online. Of course, you can also book this with a travel agency that is familiar with Dubai. Another alternative is to do this as described above directly after arrival at the Hotels & Visas for Dubai counter.

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How to Get from the Airport to the City

The emirate has excellent transportation and we recommend that tourists use taxis. Furthermore, this is a very cheap means of transport and at Dubai Airport there are special taxis that are larger. That means you can put your luggage there without any problems. You can also travel with the Dubai Metro. But of course, this does not drive directly in front of the hotel. It always depends on where you booked the hotel. Then you can decide for yourself which means of transport from the airport to the hotel is the best.

Is it Worth Leaving the Airport for a Few Hours?

It is also possible to take a quick look at the metropolis during a short Dubai stopover. But you should have a stopover of at least eight hours there. You have to calculate the time until you have entered the country and then you have to leave again. That means passport controls and luggage is also included. You should also plan enough time for a city tour.

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Where Can the Luggage Be Stored?

In Terminals 1 and 3 of Dubai Airport, there are luggage storage areas where you can lock this for a few hours. Then it’s safe there and you don’t have to worry. This is only recommended if you have a stopover of a few hours.

Get to Know Dubai in Just One Day

The well-known highlights of Dubai such as the Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, or the Atlantis The Palm Hotel can also be viewed in just one day. That is possible and here you can use the transit visa. There are also many passengers who do not book a hotel and then stay awake until the plane leaves. Then you can go back to sleep on the plane. But if you don’t want to have any stress then you should rather reserve a Dubai stopover of at least two to three days. Then you look at the sights in peace and quiet and then fly on.

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