Dubai Souvenirs: In the Souks You Can Buy the Souvenirs

12:27 pm  |  05.06.2023
Dubai Souvenirs

Surely you want to take souvenirs from the Dubai holiday home. Where you get this cheaper we will explain exactly here. Because prices are very different for the same products in the city.


You do not need to search for a long time as a tourist and then you can already buy well-known souvenirs. The city is full of shops where you get this. Of course, small models of the Burj Al Arab Hotel or the Burj Khalifa are very happy to be bought. These are made of glass, for example, alighting. Of course, still in all sizes. Even typical Arabic products are also bought such as a golden teapot and much more. For tourists, the selection is always very big. Only the difference is always the prices and how much you have to pay for it. In principle, you can say that it gives everywhere the same items. There, however, very large price differences are available and you do not want to pay too much.

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Dubai International Airport

Souvenirs Dubai

Shortly before the home flight in the Dubai Duty-Free still, a souvenir to buy is no problem at all. There are numerous shops offering such a thing there. However, the Dubai souvenirs are significantly more expensive than in a souk. Maybe you have failed to buy something in the city for relatives and acquaintances. At Dubai Airport you have the last way to buy something else. There you have to pay a surcharge if you want this. We recommend this only if you forgot it. Otherwise better in the city buy something where these are significantly cheaper. Furthermore, there is always always a fixed price and you have no way to haggle there at the price.

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Bur Dubai Souk

In our opinion, you get cheap prices for souvenirs in Bur Dubai Souk. There you will find numerous dealers and the big advantage there is of course that you can still negotiate. Surely you can imagine that the dealer immediately realizes that you want to tourist and want to buy something. Then he always asks how much you want to buy. For example, if you buy several small models from the Burj Khalifa then you get a better price offered. We always recommend buying several products. Then the dealer always counts on his calculator and then shares the price. There you then have the opportunity to reduce the price as a tourist. If you think that you have made a bargain then you should access it.

Certain Souvenirs are not Available Everywhere

A souk in Dubai

However, it is so the most famous sights of Dubai own shops that are located directly at the attraction. That is one can only buy them there and in no souk or business. This is, for example, at the Burj Khalifa, Atlantis The Palm, or the Dubai Frame so. As a visitor, you can buy souvenirs that there are only there. So you have no way to get this otherwise cheaper if you like to have this. Often the prices are a bit more expensive.

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Shopping Malls

In the Great Shopping Malls in Dubai like the Dubai Mall or Mall of the Emirates there are also numerous shops where you can buy souvenirs. There are the prices cheaper such as at the airport. But then again more expensive than in the souks. In principle, there are the same items as in the souks only that these are slightly more expensive. We always recommend getting an overview before you buy something. Surely you are still a few days in the city and then visit more malls or souks. So you can look like the prices are. Furthermore, in the malls, you also have the disadvantage that you can not act there. Mostly it is also fixed prices and you have to pay for what’s going on there.

Cheap Prices are Available in the Souks

As mentioned earlier you get cheap souvenirs always in the Dubai Souks. The big advantage is of course that you can do something at the price. Of course, the dealer wants to earn something. But these are also ready to sell this cheaper as in the big shopping centers or at the airport. Thus, you have the best way to do this.

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