Dubai Silicon Oasis: Many Start-Up Companies Have Settled in the Dubai Silicon Oasis Free Trade Zone

7:07 pm  |  13.04.2022
Dubai Silicon Oasis

A free trade zone in the emirate is the Dubai Silicon Oasis, which was founded in 2003. It is a modern office complex and district at the same time where around 80,000 people live.

This is the Dubai Silicon Oasis

There are many free trade zones in the Emirate of Dubai, such as the Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai Internet City, and Dubai Media City. It is important to know that only companies have settled there and that everything is very modern. Other countries can only dream of the conditions you will find there. Another very interesting free trade zone is the Dubai Silicon Oasis.

The main building at night

This is something different than, for example, the other free trade zones in the metropolis. The focus there is on many start-up companies and they find perfect working conditions there. There is a modern main building and also many outbuildings. As already mentioned, this is an extra district where many people live. But there will certainly be more in the future.

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Address and Location

If you want to take a look at the Dubai Silicon Oasis, you should find out about the exact location beforehand. This means that it is far outside of the city center such as Downtown Dubai. Now you’re probably wondering how you can even get there. It is best if you have a rental car. Then you can drive there yourself and that is very practical.

Another alternative would be to use a taxi and you can, for example, be driven there from the Burj Khalifa. The distance is around 20 kilometers and you can be there in about 25 minutes. But you have to find a taxi driver who wants to go there. This has to go back from there and then it probably has no passengers because there are not that many tourists there.

What Can You See There?

A modern office complex in Dubai

Surely you wonder what you can see there. The Dubai Silicon Oasis is of course not one of the top Dubai sights that tourists visit. A lot of people work there and so you can only look at the modern office buildings from the outside. If you don’t have access then you can’t get into the buildings because they have security.

What Companies Are There?

As a rule, there are only companies in the Dubai Silicon Oasis that are not yet so well known. The large and well-known companies can be found, for example, in Dubai Internet City and also in Dubai Media City. But since these are start-up companies, it may well be that they will also be very well known in the coming years. In principle, every large tech company in the world started out very small. As already mentioned, there are state-of-the-art office workplaces and high-speed internet.

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You Can Stay There Very Cheaply

But we still have an insider tip for tourists why the Dubai Silicon Oasis is still interesting. You can stay in a hotel there very cheaply and not many people know that. So if you are looking for budget accommodation in Dubai then look no further. The reason is that not many tourists stay there as it is very far from the city center.

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There are already many nice hotels and you have a good selection. Furthermore, these are very new hotels with a high standard. The downside is that you should have a car. But if you have a rental car then this is definitely very convenient. A lot is still being built in this area in particular and new hotels will also be built.

Our Opinion

If you are interested then you can have a look at the Dubai Silicon Oasis. Maybe you would also like to set up a start-up and then you can find out more there. As already mentioned, you can also stay there cheaply. So there are many reasons why you should go there. The emirate is very modern and this district is certainly one of them.

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