Dubai Sights for Children: Everything for Children

5:27 pm  |  14.06.2023
Dubai Sights for Children

Here we present the best Dubai sights for children. In the city, there are numerous amusement parks and water parks where you can stay throughout the day.

The Best Dubai Sights for Children

As a rule, many families with children are vacationing in Emirate Dubai. But these are sometimes very impatient and bored very fast. That means there must be busy with the parents and children have something from the journey. It should not be that you come back with stress away from the holiday. Thus, both have to have something of it and the Emirate has been set to the children. There are many hotels that specialize in this target group. You can expect a special area for the children. This is usually a playground outdoors and even an extra children’s pool offers many. Furthermore, child care where the parents can relax by the pool or beach. But there are also many Dubai sights for children you should visit.

Legoland Dubai

Legoland Dubai Amusement Park

Surely one of the highlights is the visit to Legoland Dubai. Who has not played with the colorful Lego units when you got young yourself. Of course, that pleases the children and thus this amusement park is just right when it comes to the Dubai sights for children. You can relax there all day and there are 40 different attractions you can do. There is something there for everyone. This amusement park is built on different topics. Many well-known buildings in Dubai were rebuilt there with Lego units. This is, for example, the highest building in the world Burj Khalifa. However, the amusement park is very far out of the city center at Dubai Parks and Resorts. There is a free shuttle bus with which one goes for example from the Dubai Marina. Our tip is to stay in the Lapita Hotel that is located directly on the site.

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Aquaventure Water Park

Aquaventure Dubai tunnel

The Emirate is also known for the numerous water parks you can visit. Now you determine the question of why there are so many there. The reason is of course the hot temperatures, especially in the summer months. As a tourist, you should cool down there regularly. Of course, one of the most beautiful in the water park Aquaventure with many slides and pools. This is right next to the Atlantis The Palm Hotel. Here we have another tip for the visitors. For example, if you stay at the hotel then you get free access there as a hotel guest. That means you can use the water park as often as you would like. All other visitors must buy a ticket for around 299 Dirham.

Dubai Ice Rink

Dubai Ice Rink

With a skating rink in the desert, you have certainly not expected as a tourist. But that’s exactly what’s in the Emirate in the Dubai Mall. There is the skating trajectory Dubai Ice Rink and this is also one of the most popular Dubai attractions for children. The big advantage is of course that the parents can look at the shops in peace. The children are then busy with skating and a lot of fun. You do not need to bring anything there as a visitor and everything can be borrowed. But we recommend that you dress something warmer because it is about real ice cream. So that this does not melt it is very cool there. As already mentioned you get there the skates there and can even take a course. By the way, the skating rink is located on the ground floor of the shopping center.

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IMG Worlds of Adventure

IMG Worlds of Adventure

Then there is still the largest indoor amusement park in the world in Dubai. You can relax the whole day in the IMG Worlds of Adventure and there are 20 different rides in a gigantic big hall. There, the weather does not matter anymore and everything is comfortably tempered. Thus, this is certainly one of the most interesting Dubai sights for children. A visit is always fun there is a lot of fun and for the parents, there is something there. You do not need to bring anything there and there are enough restaurants and cafes. This amusement park is also located on the grounds of Dubai Parks and Resorts where there are more to visit. Thus, you can relax there only a few days spend only with the visit of amusement parks and water parks in Dubai. As already mentioned, we recommend staying at the hotel.

Ski Dubai

Ski hall of Ski Dubai

At the Mall of the Emirates, there is one of the extraordinary Dubai attractions for children. This is a ski hill in the middle of the desert who calls Ski Dubai. You can drive up there as in a real ski resort with a gondola and shut down the ski slope. As a visitor, you have the feeling of being on the skiing holiday there. Everything has been made very realistic. For the children, it is available to make a ski course if you want. Of course, there is something for the little ones. For example, you can build a snowman or drive with the skibob. A visit is always recommended there and the parents with the children will have a lot of fun there. Very spectacular is certainly that the temperatures in the ski hall are at the freezing point and the outside temperature is 40 degrees.

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The Green Planet

The Green Planet in Dubai

If you want to continue something in the Dubai holiday then you should visit The Green Planet. There you have the feeling like in a tropical rainforest with many animals. It is a mix of botanical garden and zoo in a spectacular building. This has a height of 45 meters and there is a tour where you can go down to the top. There you get 3,000 animals and many plants to see. Surely there is something that you have never seen. Right next to it is still the City Walk Dubai you can still look at if you want. So there are many Dubai sights for children and a week’s holiday will certainly not be enough to look at everything. We recommend right at the beginning of the trip to plan everything exactly that you want to visit.

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