Dubai Seasons: There are Two Different Dubai Seasons

11:46 am  |  18.09.2021
Dubai Seasons: There are Two Different Dubai Seasons

In Emirate Dubai there are two seasons that differ from hot summer months and mild months about the winter. During the travel planning, you have to consider this definitely.

Information about the Dubai Seasons

Basically, Emirate Dubai is a year-round travel destination. That is one can go there from January to December vacation and it is always nice weather. By the way, if you are looking for a destination with a weather guarantee then the United Arab Emirates is of course advantageous. But yet there are a few differences in the seasons and that you should know. There are months where it can get very hot and then they are very mild and warm again. In principle, every tourist must decide how warm he wants to have it.

The lagoon of Anantara in Dubai

Especially in summer, temperatures rise significantly over the 40 degrees brand and that is then many holidaymakers just too warm. If you do not tolerate this then you should rather decide for the months over the winter. So there is a lot to note there and decisive is certainly how much you have to pay for the accommodation. In this post, you will now learn everything about it and which is the best travel time for Dubai.

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There are Two Seasons in Dubai

As already mentioned, there are two seasons in Dubai that differ only before the temperature height. If you want it very hot on vacation then the summer is just right. But who this is too warm then you should choose to be better for the winter. Especially the heat sensation is pronounced each otherwise and therefore there is the right season for everyone. But the beauty of Dubai weather is that the sun always seems at warm temperatures. There is hardly a month where the weather is not good and our tip is to be informed about the Dubai annual weather where you can see exactly how warm it is in which months.

October to April

The certainly popular travel time is the winter months and these are among the best seasons in Dubai to make the vacation. That is one can expect a temperature between 25 to 30 degrees and these are optimally suited to recharge the sun when it is already cold at home. Also very well suited to look at the Dubai sights. Also very practical if you want to do sports on holiday like golf in Dubai.

Dubai beach

Of course, it should not be so warm there because you have to sweat very much otherwise. But now you ask yourself if there are disadvantages there at this season. In our opinion, there are no disadvantages. One should know that there are the overnight prices in the hotels significantly more expensive than the high season is. This is usually payable there twice as much as in the months in summer. Furthermore, the hotels are always well utilized and you should book the hotel in Dubai early.

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May to September

The very hot seasons in Emirate Dubai include the months of May to September. You can say there that the temperatures always increase per month and then the highlight of July and August is. There you have to expect time temperatures of at least 40 degrees to partially 45 degrees. Furthermore, these then no longer cool at night and it still has the 30 degrees. So that you can even bear this heat as a tourist, everything is wonderfully air-conditioned. But especially in the air conditioning in the hotel room, you should take care that you do not get a cold.

When is the Rainy Season in Dubai?

Now you also ask yourself if there is a rainy season in Dubai. As a rule, most of the rain falls in the month of January. But of course, you can not speak of rain there and most of them are only a few drops. It can certainly be that it rains one hour at the piece. You have to know that the emirates are one of the warmest regions around the world and the rain is the exception. If you do not want to have rain at all then you should decide on the Dubai weather in July.

Best Travel Time for Dubai

Of course, as a tourist, you look for the best seasons and these are from October to April to make the vacation. It has the advantage that the temperatures are very pleasant and you always have the 30 degrees outside temperature. As already mentioned, the overnight prices in the hotels are of course significantly higher and you have to spend more money for the Dubai journey. If you want to save money then the summer months are then the right travel time. There you have to accept the high temperatures and that’s too hot for many. But there are also tourists who love exactly this heat and that is very different with everyone.

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Our Opinion

Dubai seasons are definitely warm and differ from very hot and then mild. If you can afford it then you should take a vacation during the winter months. Especially when you first go to the V.A.e.e. This is certainly beneficial. Then you can quickly see if you come to mind with the climate, or not.

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