Dubai Safari Park: A Beautiful Zoo in Dubai 

6:36 pm  |  16.05.2022
Dubai Safari Park

A nice destination for families with children is the Dubai Safari Park, where you can see a particularly large number of animals. This is a relatively new park in the metropolis and is very modern. Probably one of the best zoos in the whole world. The Emirate of Dubai always wants to have the best in the world and they certainly have achieved that.

Dubai Safari Park Information for Visitors

A Village in Dubai Safari Park

The zoo was opened on December 12, 2017, and the construction has been planned for several years. There was already a zoo in Dubai, but it was no longer up to date. That is why the decision was made to build a new one and this is how the Dubai Safari Park came into being. As a visitor, you can see around 2,500 animals and 250 different species of animals. This is of course very interesting and for the children, the visit is always a highlight of their Dubai vacation. You should therefore plan enough time so that you can take a close look at everything because the park is very large with an area of ​​119 hectares.

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The Construction of the Zoo

There are various villages and villages in Dubai Safari Park, all of which can be walked through, or you can simply use the tourist bus. The Arabian Village, for example, has been done very nicely. As you can see from the name there, there are a particularly large number of animals from Arabia. One sees there, particularly Oryx and also Gazelles. Normally you don’t get to see them in any zoo in the world. But there it is possible. If you want to see really big animals like elephants and lions then you should go to the Safari Village. As already mentioned, there are different areas that you can visit. You should get a map beforehand so that you can see exactly what is there and which ones you are interested in.


Dubai Safari Park Tram

A ticket is required to visit Dubai Safari Park. You can buy this online in our Dubai Excursions section or directly on-site at the box office. Our tip is to buy this in advance so that you don’t have to queue for a long time. Especially on weekends you always have to reckon with many visitors. Adults pay 50 dirhams and children only 20 dirhams. So the entry costs for a family are still okay. But there are many other ticket types where you can look at even more. But in principle, a standard ticket is sufficient there.

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Opening Hours

Of course, it is also very important to find out about the opening times of Dubai Safari Park. But this one is open every day and you can always go there if you want. The regular opening times are from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. We recommend going there early in the morning so that you can see something. If you only go there in the afternoon then you can’t see everything. The park is then just too big. You should always plan around an hour for a village. Then you can look at the next one.

Address and Location

Dubai Safari Park is very far from the city center. That means you definitely need a means of transport to get there at all. We recommend using a taxi here. You can board directly at the hotel and be driven to the zoo. This is certainly the best option and taking a taxi in Dubai is not very expensive. When you’re done, you can just drive back from there. You can’t go there with the Dubai Metro yet as there are no stops nearby. You also have the option of renting a car there. There is also enough parking space where you can park your car. The address is Al Warqua 5 off Al Awir Road.

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Entertainment Options

As a visitor, you still have the opportunity to watch live shows there. This is, for example, a show with parrots that you have probably already seen in other zoos. Then there are numerous opportunities for children to play in Dubai Safari Park. So you can easily spend a whole day there without getting bored.

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