Dubai Ripe Market: Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Can Be Found at the Dubai Ripe Market

6:20 pm  |  15.06.2023
Dubai Ripe Market

The Dubai Ripe Market, where you can buy particularly fresh food, is always recommended for a visit. Here you can find out everything you need to know if you want to see it.

Information on Dubai Ripe Market

Ripe Market Dubai

If you are vacationing in Dubai for the first time, you will quickly find that there are very large shopping centers such as the Dubai Mall or the Mall of the Emirates. There you get almost everything you need for daily life as well as groceries. Usually, there is also a supermarket and there you can find fruit, meat, drinks and much more what you need for food in the city. But of course, you don’t get to know exactly where the products come from and how fresh they are.

Especially in Dubai, however, more and more residents attach great importance to eating very healthily and that means they would like to have organic products there. This trend has increased in recent years and people have realized how important nutrition is. So you want to eat very healthily and that includes the best food you can buy. If you want to have them then you should go to the Dubai Ripe Market. On this page, you can find out everything about this great market in the city, which you should definitely visit once.

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Dubai Ripe Market – What Is It?

The traders set up the market stalls and you can buy very fresh food. This is called Dubai Ripe Market and you should buy fruit and vegetables in particular. Nowadays, people attach great importance to the fact that the products are organic. If you translate this then it is called organic and there are no longer supply chains there. This means that the trader picks the fruit or vegetables early in the morning and then sells them on the market the same day. The products on offer are therefore very fresh and therefore particularly good.


Dubai Ripe Market is always held in Zabeel Park and this is one of the most beautiful parks in Dubai with lots of green space. There is also enough space as it covers an area of ​​around 47 hectares. You will be amazed at how green the emirate actually is. As a rule, most tourists think that there is only a dry desert. By the way, the exact address is 1/9 Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Rd, Al Kifaf, Dubai and we always recommend using the taxi.

Fresh groceries at Ripe Market Dubai

There you can let yourself be driven directly in front of the main entrance and it is the quickest way to get there. You always have to know that the park is very large and there are several entrances. If you have to walk around the park once, then this is quite a long way. You can also get there with the Dubai Metro and the nearest station is Al Jafiliya Station. But from there you have to walk again. If you don’t feel like walking then a taxi is still the best choice.

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Opening Hours

Taxi Dubai

You should also find out about the opening hours of the Dubai Ripe Market and it is not open every day. Certainly, this is a bit different than the big shopping malls in Dubai. The market is only open on weekends from Friday to Saturday between 09:00 and 19:00. Then you can always stop by and a visit is also recommended, especially for tourists. Many local products are sold there and you will be amazed at what is available there.

You also have the opportunity to taste some foods and the dealers are happy to do this. However, one must also know that the market only takes place outdoors during the winter months, as the temperatures there are very pleasant. Especially in summer, it is very hot and you can’t sell fresh food outdoors because it has to be cooled. Then this takes place in the Times Square Center.

Do You Have to Pay an Entrance Fee?

Since the Dubai Ripe Market is located in Zabeel Park, you have to pay an entrance fee there. But this is not very high and is only 5 dirhams per person. You also have the opportunity to get to know one of the most beautiful parks in Dubai. Maybe you wouldn’t have looked at it at all and then you would have missed something.

What Products are Sold in Dubai Ripe Market?

First, of course, fresh foods such as fruit and vegetables. These are always regional products with a short supply chain. So you can always be sure that they are of very good quality. Furthermore, there are more and more organic farmers in Dubai who then sell the products there. Then you can also buy honey in the Dubai Ripe Market, for example, as well as freshly squeezed juices, eggs, and much more. But you will also find some food trucks where you can get something to eat. There are also a few stands with handicrafts and you can also buy jewelry. So there is certainly something for everyone.

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Our Opinion

In any case, the Dubai Ripe Market is worth a visit for tourists. As already mentioned you can get fresh groceries there and if you don’t want to buy anything then you should stop by there. But for organic food, you have to spend more money than you can imagine. There it is always organic food that has a short supply chain. But there are also numerous other market stalls and food trucks where you can get a lot. A tour there is always interesting and a lot of fun.

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