Dubai Parks: Here We Present the Best Dubai Parks for Tourists

8:28 pm  |  24.09.2021
Dubai Parks: Here We Present the Best Dubai Parks for Tourists

Here we present the most beautiful Dubai parks that you should visit once. There you will find a lot of green space and you can also relax from the metropolis in the United Arab Emirates.

These are the Most Beautiful Dubai Parks

The metropolis of Dubai has meanwhile become a very large city with over 3 million inhabitants. However, you definitely want to switch off and just long for rest and relaxation. These can be found everywhere in the beautifully landscaped Dubai parks and you will be amazed how much green space there is there.

Usually, most people think that there is only desert and that it is very dry. But that is by no means the case and everything is perfectly watered there so that the palm trees, flowers, and plants flourish wonderfully. We definitely recommend stopping by as it is definitely worth it. But if you are looking for the Dubai theme parks then you should take a look at our other post. This only deals with the oases of relaxation in the city and not with rides.

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Zabeel Park

An insider tip is to visit the beautiful Zabeel Park. Because there is one of the top attractions in the city where you can enjoy a great view. From there you can very quickly reach the Dubai Frame where there is a viewing platform. Another highlight is the glass floor where you will definitely be amazed. But you should also look at the park where there are different zones. This is, for example, the Technology Zone, Barcode Garden, or the Alternative Energy Zone. On an area of ​​over 47 hectares you can relax there, especially in the hot months in summer you will find enough shade under the many palm trees.

Zabeel Park Dubai

Safa Park

Safa Park is also one of the most beautiful Dubai parks where you should stop by. This is considered to be one of the largest green spaces in the city with 64 hectares. Especially if you have children you will find a lot of playgrounds there. Then there are numerous barbecue areas that you can use. Especially in the evening, this is always very nice when you are there with the whole family. 

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Safa Park

But it is also very interesting for sporting activities, for example for joggers. Furthermore, there is always a flea market there on Friday called the Ripe Market. There you have the opportunity to buy fresh groceries. There is also a special area that is only accessible to women. This is called the Ladies Garden and only women have access.

Dubai Creekside Park

As you can see from the name, this park is located directly on the famous Dubai Creek. There you also have the opportunity to relax and unwind in a beautiful, green oasis. The Dubai Creekside Park is also one of the largest and the area is said to be as much as 96 hectares. You can see it from afar if you drive over the Al Maktoum Bridge or the Al Garhood Bridge. Incidentally, it was opened in 1994 and is very popular.

The Creekside Park in Dubai

The great thing for visitors is that you can also get there by boat and that there are stops. There are also some barbecue areas and you can also play mini-golf. A highlight there is certainly the cable car where you can drive down the entire park once. Then there is the Dubai Dolphinarium where you can watch a show with dolphins and sea lions.

Al Mamzar Park

If you want to combine beach and park, you should visit Al Mamzar Park. You will also find a lot of green space there and you only have to walk a few meters and then you are on the beach. That is then already unique in the city and that is certainly a highlight among the Dubai parks where you should stop by. Furthermore, the area that is available there is even 106 hectares and that is already very large what you can imagine.

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Al Mamzar Beach Park Dubai

By the way, it opened in 1994 and there is also a great playground for the kids. The beach there is called Al Mamzar Beach and it is a public beach. This makes it interesting for tourists who, for example, have booked a city hotel and would like to go swimming.

When Should You Visit the Dubai Parks?

You can of course visit them every day of the week. But if you want more peace and quiet then you should go there during the week. You have to know that there are more and more visitors on the weekend and that the locals and guest workers would also like to relax there.

Do You Have to Pay Admission There?

Since the maintenance of the Dubai parks is very complex, you also have to pay an entrance fee there. But this is not very expensive and is between 3 and 5 dirhams. So everyone can stop by and it’s definitely worth it.

How Can This Be Achieved?

We recommend tourists take a taxi to get there. Usually, the taxi drivers know the Dubai Parks very well because there are always many who want to be driven there. If you have a rental car you can of course also use it. You can’t get there with the Dubai Metro, as it doesn’t stop right in front of it, of course. Furthermore, there is no free shuttle bus from the hotels. That means you have to get there yourself somehow.

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