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4:46 pm  |  23.12.2021
Dubai Outlets

Meanwhile, there are also Dubai Outlets where you can buy very cheap as a tourist. The best is The Outlet Village and the Dubai Outlet Mall. However, both are far out of the city center.

The Best Dubai Outlets For Tourists

The Outlet Village Dubai Entrance

You are very happy to shop on a holiday course. If there is another outlet where you can save money then this is even better. In the Emirate, there are also two beautiful Dubai Outlets you can visit. You will find their many shops of known brand manufacturers. If you have luck then you get there a discount of up to 70 percent. Especially when the Dubai Shopping Festival or the Dubai Summer Surprises take place then you can save a lot. These are so-called weeks where it can be purchased particularly favorably. Of course, every dealer wants to have the best deals on what you can imagine.

The Outlet Village

Always recommended for a visit is the Outlet Village with around 125 shops. How to get used to Dubai is a spectacular construction. It is set up like a small village where a kind of pedestrian zone is located. Of course, of course, everything is air-conditioned and you do not have to worry that you come to sweat there. The amusement parks of Dubai like Motiongate or Bollywood Parks are right next to it.

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So you are in a prime location and if you still have time you should look at everything together. However, this will certainly be difficult because you should plan for the visit to the outlet in a few hours. The Dubai Outlets are very big and in an hour you will not see much there. However, a rental car is recommended here. The provider offers a free shuttle bus from the Dubai Marina you can use.

Dubai Outlet Mall


Also very interesting is the Dubai Outlet Mall. This is also very far from the city center and a rental car is also recommended there. You have to find a taxi driver who is ready to go there. However, there are 240 shops there and the selection is even bigger. Therefore, you should always plan enough time for a visit. The prices are of course cheaper than in a large shopping center in the city. Thus, this is very interesting for tourists very interesting there. However, you have to go there. Many tourists than just rent a rental car for example for a day and then drive there. This is certainly one of the best ways you can do it. Thus, you are independent of the taxis or buses. You can stay there as long as you want.

Brand Manufacturers

Of course, you will find many brand manufacturers in the Dubai Outlets. But it can certainly be that you have not heard of anything. The well-known brands can be found there and you should know that it is always about goods that are not out of the current collection. If it does not bother you that you buy a T-shirt that may be a year in the trade then you are right there. You can always save money when looking for the right look.

You Can Buy Cheap

Many tourists always connect an outlet with cheap. However, the Dubai Outlets offer the goods, not at a bargain price. That means these are reduced. But if it is a very well-known expensive brand then the goods will not give away there. During a visit, you should always consider this. You have to look at exactly what is cheap and what is not.

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Rental Car

If you do not want to use the free shuttle buses then it offers to rent a rental car maybe for a day. For a bus, you always have to stick to firm driving times. If you have a car then you are always flexible. Since the Dubai outlets are far outside of the city center then the traffic volume is not quite as big and you can handle well there.

Best Time

Shops in the Dubai Outlet Mall

In our opinion, you can save the most money when you walk past the Dubai Shopping Festival, or the Dubai Summer Surprises there. Then the shops often offer very high discounts at most 50 percent. But you have to look exactly after the bargains and these are not always visible at first glance. We recommend scheduling a few hours during a visit and looking at everything exactly. Furthermore, you should not buy something right at the first business. It is best if you always get an overview first. Maybe you will find a t-shirt in another store something better.

Opening Hours

The beautiful thing about the outlets in Dubai is always that you can stop by every day. By the way, you should inform yourself about the exact opening hours on our subpages. But you have to know that it has significantly more visitors at the weekend. If you prefer to have his peace, you should go there during the week.


First, you have to know that the Dubai Outlets usually offered products that may have been a bit older. That means it is always an earlier collection perhaps from last year. Normally, this does not offer the big shopping centers in the city like the Dubai Mall or the Mall of the Emirates. But it can certainly be that the same products can be found there. We always recommend comparing prices exactly.

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Our Opinion

A visit from the outlets in Dubai is always recommended for tourists. Especially if you want to make a bargain then you are exactly right there. But the goods are not bothered there what you can imagine. Especially when it is expensive luxury brands, the price is still very high. But if you look exactly then you will always find something cheap.

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