Dubai Markets: What You Can Buy On The Streets In The UAE

9:02 pm  |  24.05.2021
Dubai Markets

Markets in Dubai are eastern colorful places that are tourist attractions. On the bazaars, you can buy all kinds of curiosities, as well as interior items, jewelry, silk, fur, spices, souvenirs, and much more. Dubai has an ancient tradition of market specialization. This is very convenient not only for wholesalers but also for tourists. For example, those who want to buy high-quality fabrics will go to the textile market and those who want to buy jewelry will go to the Gold Market of Dubai.

In addition to thematic markets, there are universal bazaars. Most of them have been transformed into modern commercial pavilions or shopping malls. In contrast, the famous Madinat Jumeira shopping complex was designed in the style of the old Eastern market and includes various shops, as well as restaurants and entertainment places.

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The Dubai Gold Market

It is one of the most popular markets not only in Dubai but in all of UAE. 

The gold market is visited by millions of tourists every year. Here you can not only make profitable purchases but also see a lot of interesting things. The bazaar itself is a separate quarter of the city. Various types of jewelry are offered: smaller copies of Press Taiba, ornamental jewelry, gold rings, earrings, bracelets. Silver jewelry is also widely represented. Prices in the Dubai market depend on the number of carats and samples. In addition, traders rely on the market value of gold for setting prices.

Features of the Gold Market:

  • The bazaar opened in the early 20th century and is still functioning successfully.
  • Up to 10 tons of gold are sold every day.
  • Unique products are presented – the Press Taiba bracelet, which weighs 60 kg, is decorated with 5 kg Swarovski crystals and costs about 13 million dollars.
  • They come here not only to buy but also to see beautiful and unique gold products.
  • In the market, you can take pictures and film everything without restrictions.
  • Outlets have certificates, which are issued by the Government. This confirms the authenticity and quality of the products.
  • The market opens at 9:30 local time.

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To reach the bazaar you can take the Metro – take the green branch and drive to Al Ras, you can take the bus (10, 13, 17, 64 routes) to Gold Souq. You can also travel to the Gold Market by taxi or by car. After visiting this place you should also enter the market of electronics and goods bazaars as the Gold Market enters them.

Dubai Fish Market

The old Deir district has one of Dubai’s most popular bazaars. Historically, fish have been traded since the inception of the Emirate, making it one of the most colorful places in the city. Every gourmet can find something new and different here. 

Pavilions are built in traditional Arab market style, but with all technological norms – refrigeration equipment, air-conditioners, etc. Every morning and evening, fishermen bring fresh catch from the Persian Gulf and the surrounding Indian Ocean. You can find a lot of different kinds of seafood here. The Dubai spice market is also relatively close by.

Features of the Fish Market:

  • The small fish is sold from 1 kg. in one hand, and therefore the counters are always fresh.
  • Fresh seafood is brought to the market twice a day.
  • When making a purchase, you can ask the salesman to clean the fish.
  • It sells over 500 tons of seafood every day.
  • After lunch, prices in the market drop and rise again by the evening.

Having bought fresh seafood, you can go to any nearby restaurant. One out of every three restaurants would love to cook for you, for example, grilled fish.

Textile Market

Since ancient times Dubai has been famous for the wide selection of colorful fabrics, silks, curtains, and other textiles. The variety of products offered can turn the head of anyone who enters the market for the first time. 

A bazaar is a place where you can meet colorful characters – oriental traders, tourists from all over the world, etc. Only quality products are sold here. The bazaar opens at 9:00 and is open until 9:00 with a lunch break (14:00 – 16:00). Products from cotton, velvet, atlas, wool, etc. The location is popular. Many people from CIS countries come here to buy textiles. This is due to several factors – low cost and high quality of products.

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The uniqueness of textile bazaar:

  • The market has its unique atmosphere, which is saturated with antiquity. Tradelines have been restored relatively recently by the government, but they look like ancient times.
  • A wide range of products – products from Iran, India, Israel, Pakistan, etc.
  • The market sells not only imported textiles but also local textiles.
  • To reach the market in Dubai, you can take the Metro. You can take the Al Ghubaiba or Al Fahidi stations. You can also get in by taxi or car.

Shopping Tips:

  • Paying with cash will help you save up to 2% of the cost of the goods – payment at the POS terminal is higher since payment for merchant acquiring is charged.
  • In the markets of Dubai, it is not only possible but even necessary to bargain. You can reduce your purchase cost by up to 30%.
  • It is recommended to visit the markets in the morning when they open. Firstly, it will avoid the crush. Secondly, you can safely inspect and select products.
  • Each market has its own characteristics – opening times, periodic price reductions, and much more.
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