Dubai Mall Gold Souk: You Can Buy Gold Jewelry in the Dubai Mall Gold Souk

9:52 pm  |  22.11.2021
Dubai Mall Gold Souk

In the Dubai Mall Gold Souk, there are numerous shops where you can buy gold jewelry. The prices are usually much cheaper than at a jeweler in western countries. So you can always get a bargain there.

Information about the Dubai Mall Gold Souk

The Dubai Mall is a gigantic complex where there is also a large gold souk that you should definitely visit. If you don’t have time to visit the traditional Gold Souk in Dubai then you should stop by. Certainly, this is very interesting for the ladies. As a rule, they can no longer stop being amazed because it sparkles and glitters everywhere. In the Dubai Mall Gold Souk, you will only find shops where you can buy gold jewelry. These are all very nicely done and a visit is always recommended. We recommend planning enough time there as you might want to buy something there. You shouldn’t rush to buy gold jewelry in particular, as you certainly don’t do this every day.

What Kind of Shops are There

Lots of gold jewelry in The Souk of the Dubai Mall

In principle, there are the same shops as in the traditional Gold Souk. Only that these are perhaps made a little nicer. There are also vendors who have a shop in the Dubai Mall Gold Souk and the other souk. So you can get information from both if you want. However, it may be that there are the same pieces of jewelry there.

Gold jewelry in The Souk

We always recommend taking a tour first and looking at the shop windows of the numerous shops. Of course, the dealers always see immediately that you are a tourist. This means that they then try to lure visitors into the shops because they want to sell something. But you shouldn’t let yourself be put under pressure there and only ask for the price if you are interested. The dealers are very skilled and a lot of them may buy something that they didn’t want at all.

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Opening Hours

Before visiting, you should also find out about the opening times of the Dubai Mall Gold Souk. The shops usually have the same opening times as the Dubai Mall. It is normally open every day from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. But it may well be that the dealers deviate from the regular opening times. This means that they can close beforehand or open later. If you are really interested in buying then you should ask about the opening times in the shop. Often it is also the case that the dealer is open longer if he notices that you want to buy something. But if you go there in the afternoon you always have a good chance that all shops are open.


The price that you have to pay for the jewelry is also very important. As already mentioned, the gold prices in Dubai are much cheaper than at a jeweler in Europe or USA. You can get a bargain there and at home, you would have to pay a lot more for it. But that can still be worthwhile because you get a very good quality in the Dubai Mall Gold Souk. In terms of prices, the retailer always weighs the piece of jewelry beforehand.

Then he’ll give you a price first. It doesn’t matter whether the ring is a little nicer or not. First of all, it’s all about weight. Then of course as a tourist, you always have to try to negotiate the price. If you are very skilled there then you can negotiate the price by up to 50 percent. Of course, the dealer always tries to achieve the highest possible profit. But you shouldn’t overdo it either.

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Where is the Dubai Mall Gold Souk Located?

In the Dubai Mall, you have to go to the Grand Atrium first. This is the main entrance and from there you turn right towards the Souk Atrium. There you can see the entrance to the Dubai Mall Gold Souk. However, this is very large and there is also the Dubai Dino and other attractions. There is also an exit in the south and you can go through it completely. Then you have certainly seen most of the shops. If you can’t find the entrance straight away, you can also go to the Dubai Ice Rink. This is written everywhere and there is also the entrance to the souk.

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Location and Address

First, you have to go to the Dubai Mall. If you want to use the Dubai Metro then you have to go out to the Burj Khalifa Dubai Mall Station. You can also take a taxi directly to the main entrance. From there, the Dubai Mall Gold Souk can be reached very quickly. There are also numerous hotels in downtown Dubai that offer a free shuttle bus to the mall. However, you always have to stick to the travel times and it may be that the bus is already full with other hotel guests. There is also a large parking garage where you can park your rental car if you have one.

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