Dubai Mall Food Court: There Are Many Restaurants in Dubai Mall Food Court

10:22 pm  |  18.10.2021
Dubai Mall Food Court

In the Dubai Mall Food Court, you can eat very cheaply as a tourist. We will explain exactly where this is and which restaurants are there. In any case, you should stop by there.

Information on the Dubai Mall Food Court

There are many tourists who vacation in Dubai and book a hotel without meals. There can be many different reasons for not wanting this. As a rule, the overnight stay in the hotel is then cheaper and you have to cater for yourself. But in the emirate of Dubai, this is not a problem and you don’t have to go looking for a long time. If you want to eat very cheaply then you should stop by the Dubai Mall Food Court.

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This is certainly one of the largest among the numerous Dubai shopping malls with a very large selection. Of course, this is great and you get very good food there. If you visit a food court then it is much cheaper there and you can save money again.

Where is the Food Court in the Dubai Mall Located?

The entrance to the Dubai Mall Food Court

First of all, of course, you should know where the food court is. Tourists who have booked a hotel in downtown Dubai can take the free shuttle buses to get there. This is very practical and the buses usually run several times a day. So you can then drive to the mall and be driven back again. If you stay in a hotel that is a little further away then you can use the Dubai Metro. You just get off at the Burj Khalifa Dubai Mall Metro Station. Then you use the air-conditioned walkway and you are in the world’s largest shopping center.

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However, there are over 200 restaurants and cafes in this mall. So there you have a very large selection of what you can imagine. The Dubai Mall Food Court is located on Level 2 (second floor) and is very easy to find. Especially in the evening, many visitors flock to this area because they would like to eat something. So you just have to look in which direction they are going. If you can’t find it right away, you can ask at the information desk. There is always an employee from the Dubai Mall who will be happy to provide information. But you can also find information boards everywhere where you can see exactly where it is.


Food Court Dubai Mall

The most popular is of course the American fast-food chains and they are all represented there with a branch. These are, for example, Burger King, Jonny Rockets, KFC, Mc Donald`s, Pizza Hut, Subway, Wendy’s, and many more. You can get everything you could want from burgers to pizza.

But that is certainly an advantage for tourists and you can try something different. But you can find many other fast-food restaurants in the Dubai Mall Food Court that may not be as well known. But these are just as good and you should try them out. Especially if you want to try Indian, Arabic, or Chinese cuisine. So there is also something to eat there that you have never had before.

Opening Hours

If you are hungry or thirsty in the Dubai Mall then you can always get something there. The Dubai Mall Food Court is open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. So you have enough time to have breakfast, lunch or dinner there. As already mentioned, it can get very crowded there at certain times and you have to be lucky to get a free seat. We always recommend looking for a free table first before ordering something in one of the restaurants. If you are several people then one person should sit there to keep the seats free. Otherwise, it can be difficult at times.

Cleanliness and Hygiene

The cleanliness of the Dubai Mall Food Court is particularly good. That means there are always several employees on the go, for example clearing the tables and cleaning them again. As a visitor, you always have a clean table. But you can also take away the plates and dishes yourself if you want. If the table is perhaps not clean enough, you just have to tell the service staff and they will come and clean it immediately.


Dubai Mall Shopping Center

A very important question is of course how the prices are there since you probably want to eat cheaply. For a burger, fries, and a drink, for example, you pay between $ 10 and $ 15, depending on the provider. A pizza is also very good and you can order a menu for the whole family. That means you usually get two large pizzas, drinks, and a salad. Such a menu can then be had for as little as 20 dollars.

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If You Get Something to Eat There During Ramadan

The Dubai Mall Food Court is usually completely closed from sunrise to sunset during Ramadan. As a rule, tourists do not get anything there and some restaurants may make an exception. You should just wait there until the sun has set and then the food court always fills up very quickly. But then you have the problem of getting a free table again. But during Ramadan, you can also get something there.

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