Dubai Insider Tips: The Best Info for Tourists

8:43 pm  |  25.09.2021
Dubai Insider Tips

Here we put the best Dubai insider tips where you can save money and time. So you can enjoy your vacation even better and have numerous advantages that other tourists do not have.

These are the Best Dubai Insider Tips for Tourists

There are numerous tips that you should know for every travel destination in the world. This not only saves you money and also gives you more time to explore the city. In our opinion, a trip to Dubai should definitely be well prepared so that you can have a nice vacation there. 

There are always tourists who do not do this and then notice at a home that you could have visited this. 

So you haven’t prepared yourself well for your destination. Of course, it is always very important whether you want to go on a beach holiday there or go sightseeing. In our opinion, a combination makes sense because you then have both. Otherwise, it would be a shame if you missed something. The metropolis of Dubai offers so much to its visitors that a week’s vacation there is certainly not enough. You can only get to know a fraction at a time.

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Reserve Your Ticket for the Burj Khalifa in Advance

The tallest building in the world Burj Khalifa is currently the most visited attraction in the city. Every tourist would like to take a photo there and, if possible, on the viewing platform. So we have one of the best Dubai insider tips for tourists where you can save time and money. You always have to buy the Burj Khalifa ticket beforehand. You have to decide on a certain day and time when you want to visit the At the Top viewing platform. If you don’t do this, you have to queue at the box office on site. Furthermore, there is only a limited number of free tickets available and these at a significantly higher price. So this is always good advice to book this online in advance.

Use Free Shuttles from the Hotels

Atlantis The Palm Dubai Panorama

In order to get around the city, you need a means of transport. It is not possible to explore the emirate on foot on your own. The city is just too big and then you have to be able to reach the sights somehow. The taxi and the Dubai Metro are the best choices to use. Here you can use one of our Dubai insider tips where you can save money. As a rule, most hotels in Dubai offer a free shuttle bus for hotel guests. There, for example, large shopping centers such as the Dubai Mall or beaches such as La Mer are approached. So you don’t pay anything for the transport and you don’t have to worry about anything. You just get on the bus and then you will be driven there.

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How Can You Avoid Jet Lag?

There are always tourists who react sensitively there and then notice this. Then you are a bit tired and exhausted for the first two to three days. If you are there for a week then you cannot really enjoy half of the holiday. So we also offer one of our Dubai insider tips that you can use to avoid this. In our opinion, it depends on the flight times.

But you should always book the afternoon flight there between 3:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. The flight time to Dubai is around 6 hours and then the plane always lands shortly before midnight. Then you check into the hotel straight away and sleep through the night. The body then quickly got used to the new time. But if you book a night flight, the rhythm gets mixed up very quickly because you can’t sleep properly on the plane. So you arrive there completely exhausted and maybe you have a long transfer to the hotel. Then the body needs a recovery phase again and then you can’t do much with the first day of vacation.

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Free Seat Reservation with Emirates Airline

A few years ago, Emirates seat reservation was free for all passengers and you could choose your preferred seat when booking the flight. Most airlines now charge a fee there. Furthermore, it always depends on the flight class to which you book. In Business Class or First Class, this is of course still free. But most tourists fly in economy class. But there is still a way to get a free Emirates seat reservation. That means you check in the flight 48 hours in advance and then you can choose your seat again for free. However, you then only have the choice of available seats. Usually, there are still enough seats to choose from. But you can also be unlucky and the plane is already well booked.

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