Dubai in Winter: It Is Possible to Go Swimming in Dubai in Winter

11:14 pm  |  29.10.2021
Dubai in Winter

Of course, you can swim in Dubai in winter and the water temperature is between 20 to 25 degrees Celsius and that is perfect for most of them.

You Can Swim in Dubai in Winter

Anantara Beach

One of the reasons why one would like to go on vacation in the emirate of Dubai is that of course, one would also like to spend a beach vacation with the whole family. Before traveling, however, you should definitely inquire about the climate. You have to know that there are very hot months such as in summer and the best time to travel are the winter months with very mild temperatures that are ideal to soak up the sun again. But then you probably ask yourself whether you can go swimming in Dubai in winter because you would like to. In this post, you can find out everything about what you should know. A big advantage of the United Arab Emirates is that you can vacation there all year round. There is the right travel time for everyone and you can choose that yourself.

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How is the Water Temperature from November to April

As already mentioned, the months between November and April are also the most popular months to travel to Dubai. A very good month in November, for example, where you can swim in Dubai in winter without freezing. A disadvantage is of course that the overnight prices in the hotels rise significantly and you have to pay a lot more for the trip.

The reason is of course that there are more tourists in the city and they then choose the best beach hotels. If you choose December then you still have a good water temperature of at least 23 degrees Celsius. It may well be that it even has up to 26 degrees. The best thing to do is to take a look at our article about the water temperature in Dubai and then you can quickly see which month the best temperatures are.

November: 27-29 degrees.

December: 23-26 degrees.

January: 20-23 degrees.

February: 21-24 degrees.

March: 22-25 degrees.

April: 23-26 degrees.

In Winter the Pools are Heated by the Hotels

By the way, the coldest month in Dubai is always January when the water may only be 20 degrees. For many holidaymakers, this is too cold to go swimming in the sea. But at the hotel pools, you still have the option because they are heated. So you can always go swimming there. The disadvantage is then maybe when you come out of the water and want to lie down that you can freeze a bit.

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Stand up paddling in Dubai

But that always depends on everyone and there are tourists who don’t mind. So you can go swimming in Dubai in winter and that is not a problem. We always recommend looking for a nice beach hotel such as the Atlantis The Palm where you can spend a vacation with the whole family. By the way, the pools are cooled in summer because the water there always heats up very quickly to 30 degrees and it always feels like in a bathtub.

As already mentioned, it can be that you freeze a little when you come out of the water. The reason is that the hotel pools are then heated to maybe 25 degrees and the outside temperature is then maybe 22 degrees in the evening. So it’s a little cooler when you get out of the water. If you are a bit sensitive there then you should use a bathrobe as there is usually in every five-star luxury hotel in Dubai in the room. So you don’t have to be afraid that you might freeze. But that always depends on the person and women may be a bit more sensitive there. Another tip is that you don’t wait for the sun to go down. You should then leave the hotel pool again if the sun is still shining. So you can influence this yourself.

Can You Go Swimming in the Sea in Winter?

Of course, there are also many holidaymakers who always prefer the sea in front of the pool. There you have the advantage that there is saltwater and that is always particularly pleasant for the skin. Of course, the sea cannot then be heated over the winter as with hotels. It may well be that the water temperature is then only 20 degrees. But there are also tourists who love exactly that and for them, it is the perfect temperature to go swimming in Dubai in winter. Of course, that always depends on the type and whether you freeze quickly or it just doesn’t matter. But you can also go swimming in the sea over the winter without any problems. The big advantage is maybe that you then have more space because not so many bathers dare to go into the sea.

In winter, the beach loungers by the hotel pools are always occupied very quickly because they are simply preferred. You should also look for a good place early on. But it is not as bad as in Mallorca or Turkey because the hotels in Dubai have very large outdoor facilities. But if many are lying by the pool and not on the beach, it can get full there very quickly.

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Our Opinion

It is not a problem to go swimming in Dubai in winter and that is one of the most popular travel times to go on vacation there. We recommend tourists to use the hotel’s pool when the sea is then perhaps a bit too fresh. You can always expect a perfectly comfortable temperature there. There are also hotels such as the Emerald Palace Kempinski Dubai where there is an indoor pool that you can use when the outside temperatures are not that high.

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