Dubai in 24 Hours: Get to Know the Emirate Dubai in 24 Hours With Many Tips

12:40 pm  |  26.04.2023
Dubai Creek

In an intermediate landing, you can also view Dubai in 24 hours in the short run. What you can visit will we explain exactly here. That’s possible, but then quite stressful what you can imagine.

Get to Know the Emirate Dubai in 24 Hours

Many passengers of Emirates Airlines have a long stopover at the Dubai International Airport. That is one can then spend the time in the so-called transit range of the airport in the Dubai Duty-Free. Or you leave the airport and explore the emirate. So there are two different ways you can do it. In principle, however, everyone has to decide what he would like to do and what not. However, one must also know that you are always under time pressure if you want to visit Dubai in 24 hours.

Landing at 03:00 at Night at Dubai International Airport

Dubai Airport at night

Usually most airplanes land late at night at Dubai International Airport. Then you need a few minutes until it arrived at the gate. As soon as it came to stop then all passengers want to be out of the plane as soon as possible and are already in progress with the hand luggage. With a stopover in Dubai in 24 hours, of course, you must also take care of the hand luggage yourself. Either you take this and then fit it in the next few hours, or you are looking for a locker at Dubai Airport. There you can then safely store this for a fee if you do not want to do so.

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At 04:00 Clock the Dubai Entry

First of all, you must leave the airport after arrival and enter the Emirate. For this, you should first inform yourself about the Dubai entry requirements. That means the passport must have a validity that this is possible only. It does not matter if you are only 24 hours there or up to 30 days. Thus, this must be made first. For the entry, you need about 30 minutes if it goes fast and you would then be at 04:30 in the morning in the city.

What About the Suitcase


You do not need to take care of the suitcase because you continue to work 24 hours to the desired destination. You also have no way to get this. This will then be loaded automatically into the other aircraft. Thus you do not need to do anything there. If you want to have the suitcase then you should make a Dubai Stopover from 2 to 3 days. Then you have more time to get to know the Emirate. But who does not want to have this can experience Dubai in 24 hours and then no suitcase is needed. The time where you did not sleep then you can then catch up on the plane if you then went on.

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Breakfast at 05:00 in the Morning in the City

After that, you should take care of the breakfast first. Either you are looking for a restaurant at the airport or in the city. You should definitely start the day with a good breakfast because this will be very exhausting. Furthermore, you should also let it be time there until it continues because everything has been closed in the city. But the taxis are always on the way and also drive at night. Thus, you can already start with the visit. Through the warm climate, one will not freeze and can always stop outdoors.

Continue at 06:00 to the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall


It’s going to go to the most famous sights in the city. This is of course the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall. The day starts with a great sunrise. Thus, you can already make great photos from the highest building in the world. You also have the opportunity to walk around the Burj Khalifa Lake and you need about an hour on foot. The shopping mall and the restaurants have then closed there and you can not buy anything.

Beginning of the Hop On Hop Off Tour at 08:50

Until Bus Tours Dubai

Of course, it is very important that you already purchased the ticket for the Hop On Hop Off Tour online. For example, you can buy that in our big-ticket shop. We recommend the provider Big Bus Tours Dubai which also has the most modern buses where you have many stops. The descent of the first bus is then at 08:50 in the morning at the Dubai Mall. One should then buy a 24-hour ticket so you can drive around the bus all day and look at the attractions. In our opinion, this is the best way to get to know Dubai in 24 hours. When booking the ticket one should note that there is also the night tour inclusive. There you can continue to take the buses in the evening by about 23:00.

First, Make a Complete Tour

First, it offers itself a complete tour. That means you stay there just sit on the bus and can listen to the English audio comment. All stops are approached and you drive past the most beautiful sights of the city. You can then take a beautiful photo. The tour will take about three hours and then it is already at 12:00 in the afternoon and you just get rising again at the stop Dubai Mall.

Lunch at 12:30

Then you should go into the largest shopping center in the world where you then have the opportunity to take lunch. Surely you have then hunger and thirst. Who wants it cheap should visit the food court. But there are also many good other restaurants. After lunch, you should explore the shops in the Mall. There you also have the opportunity to visit the Dubai Aquarium option. You should plan there for about one hour in addition. In the shopping center, you can then stop for a few hours until about 15:00. You will then notice very quickly that this is very big and you can only see a fraction there.

Visit of the Burj Khalifa at 15:30

Now it goes to the height of the stay of Dubai in 24 hours. That means it goes to the viewing platform at the top from the Burj Khalifa. We recommend the Burj Khalifa Ticket to reserve online again in advance because you do not have to be at a cash register. Incidentally, the entrance is located in the Dubai Mall where you are already. Very important if you have a ticket at 15:30 then you have to be there exactly at this time. There is then a short security control and you drive up with the fastest elevators in the world. Normally, you can stay there for about 30 minutes. Then it goes on and until you are at the bottom again then can already pass one hour.

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Continue to Atlantis The Palm at 17:00

When you arrive at the bottom then the trip with the Hop On Hop Off Bus goes on to the Atlantis The Palm Hotel. From this extraordinary hotel, you certainly have seen a report on TV. You are then about 17:45 clock there. There it is then available to the underwater world Lost Chambers to visit. You should plan there again for an hour and at 18:45 you are then about. Then you can visit the souvenir shop even briefly if you want. Here we recommend eating something. Either in a restaurant in the hotel or a short snack, it does too. So you have seen a lot of Dubai in 24 hours and that was not everything.

Visit the Dubai Fountain

Souk Al Bahar

Now you have to wait again until the next bus comes. In general, they drive in 20 minutes clock and you do not need to wait long. For the drive to the water fountains, you need already about an hour and at 20:00 clock you arrived there. You just get rising again at the stop Dubai Mall. In principle, this is the most important step that you have to know. Then you have a short walk to the water fountains. Especially at night, these are very impressive. These then dance around the water and you will be excited what to see there and all this is still free. Normally, every 30 minutes a show takes place.

It Goes on to Souk Al Bahar

Directly in Downtown Dubai is still the Souk Al Bahar. There are many shops where you can shop also for souvenirs. It’s then at least 21:00 in the evening. We then recommend staying there for about an hour and to look at everything exactly. You still have the opportunity to visit a restaurant if you want.

Return to the Airport at 22:00

Burj Khalifa in the evening

It is best to go back to Dubai Mall back where there is a big taxi stand. Then you drive from there back to Dubai Airport. It is very important here that you have to go back through the security checks. Check-in, you do not need anymore because you have already got the boarding cards. There you have to plan around an hour again. Thus, it is already about 23:00 clock and you can then be back in the Duty-Free area of ​​the airport. There you also have the opportunity to look at the shops or visit a restaurant. We then recommend making the search for the departure gate. Because this can have changed in the meantime.

Onward Flight at 03:00 O’clock at Night

Dubai Duty-Free Shops

That’s a long and exhausting day and you have experienced a few highlights of Dubai in 24 hours. Of course, this is not all and you can see a lot more in the city. But it is possible that you can get to know the metropolis during this time in the short run if you want. Of course, this is everything exhausting and you are always under time pressure. Who wants it more relaxed should plan there a stopover of a few days. Then you are certainly very tired and you can sleep on the plane.

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