Dubai Hotel: Luxury Even in Small Details

8:08 pm  |  29.08.2021
Dubai Hotel

Here is a list of the best hotels in Dubai where tourists and business travelers like to stay. This makes the search for the right hotel much easier and you don’t have to search long.

In Dubai, there are a lot of hotels where you can stay. There are expensive luxury hotels in Dubai and also normal tourist hotels that everyone can afford. It is also very important to choose the location of the hotel in Dubai.

Business travelers like to stay in the city hotels in Dubai and tourists in the beach hotels in Dubai. Of course, a combination of a beach and city hotel in Dubai is also ideal. With a city hotel in Dubai, you can better see the sights in Dubai. By the way, you can reach the shopping malls in Dubai very quickly. Then you can spend a few days on a beach vacation in Dubai and relax. Tourists who want to switch off completely can stay in a desert resort. But you don’t have to do without luxury there.

Luxury Hotels

New luxury hotels open regularly in Dubai and the hotels on the artificial island of The Palm Jumeirah are very popular with tourists. It is, of course, something special to spend the night there. The Atlantis The Palm has secured the highlight and certainly also the best seat. If you decide on a beach hotel in Dubai then you should opt for Jumeirah Beach or near the Dubai Marina.

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There are many beautiful beach hotels where you can swim very nicely. The location on Sheikh Zayed Road, where the numerous skyscrapers are located, including the Burj Khalifa, is very popular with city hotels. Those who can afford it can even stay at the Armani Hotel in the Burj Khalifa.

Atlantis The Palm

 The Atlantis The Palm is certainly one of the most spectacular hotels in Dubai where you can stay. It is located directly on The Palm Jumeirah and has 1,539 rooms and suites. Families with children love to stay at this hotel, as there are numerous attractions such as Lost Chambers, Aquaventure, Dolphin Bay, and much more.

There is another hotel in the Bahamas called Atlantis Paradise Island that looks almost the same. There are over 20 restaurants in Atlantis The Palm where you can eat very well for your physical well-being. The private sandy beach where you can relax is certainly very nice. There are also numerous sports and wellness opportunities in this hotel.

Burj al Arab

 The Burj al Arab is of course one of the most famous hotels that you have certainly seen on television many times. 

Many also call the Burj al Arab a sailing hotel or a seven-star hotel and this cannot be surpassed in terms of luxury. The height of the Burj al Arab is 321 meters and there are 145 suites, all of which are duplex suites and that means two-story.

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Architecturally, the Burj al Arab is a highlight that is particularly spectacularly illuminated in different colors at night. The gigantic lobby where even the Eiffel Tower in Paris would fit is impressive. The Burj al Arab is a dream from 1001 nights and you can enjoy a very high level of service there as a hotel guest.

Armani Hotel Dubai

 In the tallest building in the world is the Armani Hotel Dubai where you can spend the night in a very luxurious way. For many tourists, it is simply a dream to spend the night in the Burj Khalifa and the fashion designer Giorgio Armani has created a great hotel there.

There are rooms, suites, and studios located on the first eight floors of the Burj Khalifa and on the 38th and 39th floors. Of course, the higher you stay, the better the view of the Dubai Fountain. It is also very interesting to visit At.mosphere, the highest restaurant in the world, which is located on the 122nd floor. However, you need a reservation for a table there.

Jumeirah Zabeel Saray

 On the Palm Jumeirah is the luxury hotel Jumeirah Zabeel Saray, which is recommended for luxury tourists and is located on the outer ring. 

The hotel has 405 rooms and suites that are very luxuriously furnished in the Moorish style. The lagoon pool is very nice there and the villas are interesting for families with children. The Jumeirah Zabeel Saray is suitable for a relaxing beach holiday in Dubai and it is also quick from the hotel in the Dubai Marina where there are restaurants and shops.

There are seven restaurants at Jumeirah Zabeel Saray that serve international cuisine. For hotel guests, there is free internet access and free entry to the Wild Wadi water park.

Fairmont Dubai

 The city hotel The Fairmont, which is located directly on Sheikh Zayed Road, is interesting for business travelers in Dubai. A luxury hotel with 394 rooms and suites that offer a very high standard. The location opposite the World Trade Center Dubai, where trade fairs and exhibitions take place, is ideal.

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The Fairmont Dubai also offers its own event rooms that are state-of-the-art. The hotel is particularly beautifully illuminated at night and the design of the Fairmont Dubai is very spectacular and suits Dubai. Numerous well-known Dubai attractions such as the Burj Khalifa or the Dubai Mall can be reached quickly from the hotel.

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