Dubai Health: What About Medical Assistance

9:31 pm  |  25.08.2021
Dubai Health: What About Medical Assistance

The emirate of Dubai has a very good health system and you don’t need to worry as a tourist there if you have health problems on your Dubai vacation.

Information on Dubai Health

However, it is very important that you have foreign health insurance which usually only costs a few euros per year. The costs for the treatment will then be reimbursed there. That means you get a bill after the treatment in Dubai, which can usually be very high. After the vacation, you have to submit the original invoice to the insurance company where you have taken out the foreign health insurance. Then you get the amount reimbursed and if you don’t have one, you are left with the high costs.

Modern Hospitals and Medical Practices

Prime Hospital

The medical practices and hospitals in Dubai are very modern. Furthermore, these are state-of-the-art. Treatments in the hospitals are free for the locals and as a tourist, the doctors will treat you as a private patient for a fee. There are dentists, gynecologists, ear, nose, and throat specialists, orthopedists in Dubai.

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Even if you need medication in Dubai and there are many pharmacies that can then offer the same or similar medications. For a trip to Dubai, it is important that you have a first-aid kit with the most necessary medicines. Otherwise, you can buy them in a pharmacy in Dubai. At night duty they also offer something if you urgently need medication.

You Can Also Find Opticians There

There are also opticians in Dubai if you ever have problems with glasses or contact lenses. Perhaps it is interesting that you can have new glasses made there for a low price. Often, branded glasses frames from well-known manufacturers in Dubai are cheaper. There you can get a bargain and you should take advantage of this while you are already there.

Get Cosmetic Surgery in Dubai

Cosmetic surgery is also possible in Dubai and this area is becoming increasingly important for the city. 

Numerous beauty clinics are springing up like mushrooms and those who would like to improve their beauty can also have this done in Dubai and combine it with a vacation.

Laser Eye Surgery in Dubai

The same applies to laser eye surgery and there are now many providers who do something like this at an attractive price. So you can combine vacation and treatment if you want. This is exactly what is possible in the emirate of Dubai.

Do You Need a Vaccination There?

Vaccinations are not necessary for a trip to Dubai as there are hardly any insects there due to the dry desert climate. This is certainly different in the Everglades in Florida where there are many insects and mosquitoes where you have to protect yourself.

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What are the Emergency Numbers in Town?

The emergency numbers in Dubai that you have to dial if you need help are certainly also important. For an ambulance or police, you can dial the number 999. If there is a fire then you need the fire brigade who has the number 997.

Do You Have to Make an Appointment with the Doctor?

For a doctor’s visit, you have to make an appointment and then you can take the Dubai Metro or taxi to the practice. Short waiting times are also possible there before going to the doctor. So the health system in Dubai and the medical care are very good. Of course, you are not protected from health problems on vacation and these can occur suddenly with, for example, toothache. Then you need a dentist who looks at this and can carry out a treatment. Hotel workers are usually happy to help and luxury hotels such as the Emirates Palace have their own small hospital.


Surely you would like to take the medication with you on your Dubai vacation and you should know the following so as not to have any problems when entering the country. There are people who have to take strong medication every day because they may be in pain.

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In the country where you live, these drugs are allowed and you can take them there without any problems. But that does not mean that you can take it in the United Arab Emirates, for example. Different laws apply there and the drug may be blacklisted.

UAE Has Its Own Rules

If you implement this then you have to expect that unpleasant questions will be asked when you are searched. So that this does not happen, you should inform yourself beforehand exactly which medication you want to take in Dubai and whether these are allowed there. It is always advisable to have a certificate issued by the doctor who prescribed the drug before the trip so that you have to take it. Then you are definitely always on the safe side and normally nothing can happen to you.

In the past, there have been cases in Dubai of vacationers who introduced prohibited drugs and then had problems entering the country. It goes without saying that you should have medication in your luggage, as well as remedies for diarrhea, cold sprays, constipation, nausea, heartburn, headache pills, cold pills, and much more, are not a problem.

These are usually over the counter and similar products are also available in Dubai. The prohibited drugs are always prescription drugs and these are usually very strong and have different ingredients that may be banned in the United Arab Emirates. The controls at Dubai Airport are very precise and you always have to expect that you will be checked separately and if you then want to import prohibited drugs then you certainly have a problem.

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