Dubai Fountain: The Largest Water Fountain in the World is the Dubai Fountain

6:47 pm  |  12.04.2022
Dubai Fountain

In the Emirate of Dubai, there is currently the largest water fountain in the world, the Dubai Fountain, which is located in Burj Khalifa Lake. All of this is located downtown at the Burj Khalifa. The model is probably the Bellagio Fountains in the famous Bellagio Hotel in the casino city of Las Vegas. However, the Dubai Fountain is even more spectacular, bigger, and also higher.

Information about the Dubai Fountain

Certainly one of the most spectacular and even free attractions in the city is the Dubai Fountain. You should definitely check them out as it’s worth it. If you visit the Dubai Mall, or At the Top of the Burj Khalifa then you will definitely stop by there. Over a length of 275 meters, 1,000 water fountains with more than 6,600 light sources and 50 color projectors are shot at a height of 150 meters. There is also classical, oriental, and modern music. For Dubai tourists who see this for the first time, the excitement is certainly very high because you have never seen anything like it. The Bellagio Fountains in Las Vegas are already very impressive, but of course, Dubai wants to top that. It looks like the water fountains are dancing on the water. On this page, you can find out everything about it if you want to take a look.

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Location, Directions, and Address

Dubai Fountain 

The first thing you should know is how to get there. In our opinion, the easiest way is to take the metro to Burj Khalifa Dubai Mall Metro Station. There you simply get off and use the transition to the shopping center. From there you only have to go to the bottom floor and then you can already see the exit that leads outside to the lake. Of course, you can also use a taxi. But this then also goes to the shopping center and indeed to the central stop from the taxis. If you have a rental car, you can park it in the large multi-story car park in the shopping center. For hotel guests who have booked a hotel downtown, such as the Oberoi Dubai, there is a free shuttle bus that you can use. You can also use it to go back again. There is no parking near the Dubai Fountain.


Dubai Fountain

Then you should know that the Dubai Fountain shows only take place at certain times. As a rule, the first show always begins after sunset. By the way, the reason is that the water fountains are illuminated and you wouldn’t see anything during the day. Furthermore, this would not be very spectacular as you can imagine. Depending on the season, the first show starts at around 6 p.m. and then always lasts a few minutes. This usually takes place every 30 minutes. Most of the time, the Burj Khalifa light show still takes place in between.

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But you can’t just go by the times because they can also vary. In principle, it is always best to orient oneself to the other visitors. When they then gather around the lake, it doesn’t take very long. Sometimes, the water fountains are tested during the day and then a show takes place. The last show is usually at 11:00 p.m.


As already mentioned, the Dubai Fountain is one of the best free attractions in the city. That means you don’t have to pay an entrance fee and you can watch the show whenever you want. This is, of course, a good idea if you have been to the mall for a few hours. Then you will definitely want to go outdoors again. But if you want to do the Dubai Fountain Lake Ride then you need a ticket for it. But there you have the advantage that you can get very close to them and also take great photos.


You have to know that the songs of the Dubai Fountain are perfectly coordinated with the light show. Certainly one of the most well-known songs that give you goosebumps is Time To Say Goodbye by Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman. Furthermore, there are always a few songs by Michael Jackson to be heard. The song I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston is also always very nice. Then Baba Yetu is played and Skyfall by Adele. In principle, there are always alternating titles and you usually only hear them once in the evening. There are always a few beautiful Arabic songs that are very appropriate.

Construction Costs of the Dubai Fountain

An abra from Dubai Fountain Lake Ride

Emaar Properties invested over 170 million euros in this project. The downtown Burj Khalifa thus offers another attraction for tourists. However, there are already enough such as the largest shopping mall in the world Dubai Mall, the Souk al Bahar, and several hotels. Thus, in just a few years, a new tourist magnet has emerged in Dubai. There are now so many options for vacationers in Dubai that you have to make a plan of what you want to see in Dubai. The beaches in Dubai are very beautiful but it is not worth spending just a week on the beach in Dubai. The best way to combine the sights and attractions in Dubai with a beach holiday. Dubai is generally known for always making everything one size larger than normal.

Dubai Fountain Lake Ride

As already mentioned, visitors have the opportunity to get very close to the water fountains. This attraction is called Dubai Fountain Lake Ride and you drive around on the lake with an abra. Then when the show is on, the boats stop in a good position and the lights go out from the lake. Then you should enjoy the show and that’s really unique. In our opinion, this will certainly be remembered for a long time and it is very impressive. But you have to buy a ticket which costs around 68.25 dirhams for a round trip.

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Explore the Lake on the Boardwalk

It is now possible for visitors to explore the entire lake on the boardwalk. That means you can walk around it almost completely and you always have a different position on the Dubai Fountain than you can imagine. You can also pass the Dubai Opera, which is also very impressive. But there are seats everywhere and you can rest a little if you want. Especially in summer, it can get pretty hot in Dubai with high temperatures.

Best View

Of course, if you want to take photos or a video of the Dubai Fountain, you are always interested in having a good position. As a rule, visibility is good everywhere and most tourists always gather right after the exit from Dubai Mall. You always have to reckon with many visitors there. Also very popular is always the bridge to the Souk al Bahar where you have a good position. If you want a bird’s-eye view of everything, then the outdoor terrace of the Apple Store in the Dubai Mall is ideal.

How Long is a Show?

The length of the Dubai Fountain show always depends on the song being played. That means, for example, there are songs that are only three minutes long and others are eight minutes. But these are all great and super coordinated. We always recommend looking for a nice park bench and then simply waiting until the next one takes place.

Our Opinion

Don’t miss the Dubai Fountain show if you’re vacationing in Dubai. This is really very impressive and the whole thing is even free. Incidentally, this has been taking place since 2009 and every evening thousands of tourists gather in front of the lake and watch intently.

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