Dubai for Beginners: Here are Many Tips That You Should Know

5:02 am  |  15.10.2021
Dubai for Beginners

Exploring Dubai for beginners is no problem. Here you can find out when and what you should see there. Or in which hotel you should stay and much more.

Information about Dubai for Beginners

If you are on holiday in Dubai for the first time, you will surely have a lot of questions. Many of them can be answered by us. First of all, of course, you ask yourself whether you should book a package tour or rather reserve everything individually. Then you have certainly heard of the famous sights such as the Burj Khalifa or the Burj al Arab Hotel. Can you even visit these attractions and what do they actually cost? The subject of excursions is of course always very important because you definitely want to see something of the city. Also very important how you have to pay there at all and which language is spoken there.

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Where to Book the Hotel and the Flight

Burj Khalifa in the evening

We recommend tourists who want to vacation in Dubai for the first time go to a travel agency and get advice there. Because the employees know their way around and can give lots of tips about the hotels and where the construction sites are. Otherwise, you might book a hotel that you don’t like at all. In the Emirate of Dubai, the location of the hotel is always very important and everything can be reached from there. There are many hotels that are close to a metro station. From there you have a good opportunity to explore the city. If you have already vacationed there several times then you know your way around better. So you can organize the trip yourself if you want. But as a beginner, you should seek advice from specialists.

What are the Top Sights of Dubai?

You definitely want to see some of the top 10 sights in Dubai. This certainly includes the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa. There is a viewing platform called At the Top where you have a great view of the city skyline. Furthermore, you should reserve the ticket there in advance as the demand is always very high. On-site you have to pay more for entry and there are only limited places. You should definitely know that. Visiting the Burj al-Arab is only possible with a reservation at tea time. Otherwise, you only have the possibility to stay in this hotel.

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What Language is Spoken There

Emirates aircraft

Another very important question is certainly how to communicate there. As a beginner, you should of course know that and the language is of course Arabic. But as a tourist, you can communicate very well in English there. As a rule, you always have to deal with guest workers there who can also speak English.

When is the Best Time to Travel There?

The travel time in Dubai is also very important and there are very hot months there and then again which are very pleasant. The main season is the winter months from October to April when daytime temperatures range from 25 to 30 degrees. These are of course ideal for a beach holiday and you can then soak up the sun again. The off-season is the summer months when there are significantly fewer tourists in the hotels. This is the case from May to September and there the temperatures during the day can rise to over 40 degrees. For many tourists, this is simply too hot and you are always looking for a shady spot there. But in principle, everyone has to decide for themselves at what time of the year they want to go on holiday there. For Dubai beginners, we would recommend the winter months and not the hot summer months.


Then the currency is always very important as you have to pay there at all. This is called the dirham and it is always best to pay everything in cash. Of course, you can pay with a credit card and that’s not a problem. But there are always additional fees that should be avoided. We always recommend changing euros to dirhams in one of the numerous shopping malls in Dubai. You always get a good course there. You can also change money immediately after arriving at Dubai International Airport. But you certainly won’t get such a good course there.

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Entry Requirements

For tourists, entry to Dubai is no problem at all and is done quickly. You only need a valid passport which must be valid for at least six months. As a rule, you can get a free tourist visa there for a period of 30 days. So you can vacation there for a couple of weeks if you want. Children also need their own passport and entry with a child ID card is not possible. Of course, it is always best to have a biometric passport.

Clothes in Dubai

As a beginner in Dubai, you should also inform yourself about clothing. There, many tourists always like to make a mistake because they haven’t asked exactly beforehand. Many people think that if you are in a country where it is very warm that you can walk around there very freely. That is exactly what people do not like to see there. As a tourist, you should respect the Arab culture if you want to go on vacation there. You should therefore inform yourself carefully about the Dubai clothing beforehand so that you don’t go wrong there.

You Can Take Pictures of Everything

Beginners also have a few things to consider when taking photos in Dubai. In the city, there are many beautiful photo opportunities where you will certainly want to take photos of everything. Under no circumstances may government buildings or the palaces of the sheikhs be photographed there. Furthermore, you should not photograph people unless you have asked them beforehand. But of course, it is possible to take a souvenir photo of the Burj al Arab Hotel or the Burj Khalifa. This is not a problem.

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  2. […] READ: Dubai for Beginners: Here are Many Tips That You Should Know […]

  3. […] READ: Dubai for Beginners: Here are Many Tips That You Should Know […]

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