Dubai Food Diarrhea: You Don’t Get Diarrhea From a Meal in Dubai

10:40 pm  |  20.03.2022
Dubai Food Diarrhea

In general, you don’t get diarrhea from a meal in Dubai. But you have to know that the food is sharper and spiced up there. It may well be that some people don’t tolerate it.


The catering is very important in the travel destination with breakfast and dinner. We definitely recommend booking at least breakfast. There you have the advantage that you can help yourself to the buffet early in the morning. Furthermore, hot dishes are also offered there, which is very practical. In most hotels you can have breakfast until 11:00 a.m. and then you have the advantage of not having to go straight back to lunch. However, you also have to know that the dishes in Dubai are much sharper than, for example, in Europe. There are tourists who don’t have any problems there and for some this causes diarrhea again. We will explain here what you can do about it.

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Why Do You Get Diarrhea on Vacation?

Le Jardin Restaurant

The first thing you have to know is that you always need a few vacation days until your body has gotten used to the new environment. Furthermore, everyone reacts differently there and there are many who get diarrhea, for example. The stomach and digestion always have to get used to it first. It may well be that such symptoms can also occur with jet lag. Therefore, we always recommend avoiding a night flight and always landing at Dubai International Airport just before midnight. So you check into the hotel straight away and just go to bed like at home. So you get used to the time difference in Dubai very quickly. So you can do a lot there so that you don’t get any health problems.

Quality of the Food Was Not Good

Another reason why you can get diarrhea is that the quality of the food was not very good. Something like this often occurs with the travel destinations Turkey or Egypt. There they save on the quality of the food because the trip may have cost very little. If you haven’t paid a lot for the all-inclusive trip, then you certainly can’t expect high-quality food either. Now you’re probably wondering how the quality of the food in the hotels in Dubai is. In our opinion this is very good and if you book a five star luxury hotel then you don’t need to worry there. There you will be served only the best dishes for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Furthermore, many hotels in the city have star chefs who cook at a very high level. Only the best ingredients are processed there.

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What Can You Do

As already mentioned, every person reacts very differently when eating. It can also be that the quality of the dishes was very good. But maybe it was too spicy and then you didn’t tolerate it. There the body can then react with diarrhea. Here we recommend, for example, only eating what you know at the dinner buffet. There are also many dishes offered that you may not have eaten before. If you want to try something like this, you should try only a small portion first. So you can test whether you can tolerate it or not.

If you still have problems with digestion, the first thing you should do is take it easy on your stomach. First of all, you shouldn’t overload it right at breakfast. This means that if you eat too much there, it doesn’t make much sense. You should also drink chamomile tea, which has a calming effect on the stomach. So you can do a lot yourself so that it doesn’t get that far and you might get health problems.


Maybe you’ve caught a virus and then it’s better to go to a doctor in Dubai. He can then take a close look at it and analyze where the diarrhea is coming from. As a rule, you will then be prescribed a few tablets which you then have to take. After a few days, the symptoms should have improved. There are now many doctors from the West who have emigrated to Dubai. So there are no problems with communication and you can communicate in english. But you should definitely have international health insurance. You have to know that the costs for the doctor’s visit must be paid immediately in cash. If you have insurance, you can get reimbursed back home.

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Don’t Overload Your Stomach

Jumeirah Mina A’Salam | Restaurant

For example, many tourists book half-board in the hotel and there the selection at the buffet is of course very large. However, the temptation is then so great that you simply eat too much at dinner. The consequences can then be diarrhea and we always recommend eating as much as you can tolerate. A good advice might be to book only breakfast, without dinner. There you can then go to a restaurant yourself where you might not eat too much. The temptation at a buffet is always bigger than you can imagine.

High Quality Standards

If you decide to travel to Dubai, you can always expect that the quality standards in the Emirates are very high. If there is something wrong with hygiene or cleanliness, it will be fixed immediately.

Our Opinion

We always recommend booking a five star hotel in Dubai and then you won’t get diarrhea there either. The standard there is very high and as a hotel guest you only get the best dishes. Also, you should only eat what you can tolerate. If you take all this into account, you can spend a nice holiday in Dubai.

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