Dubai Festival City Imagine: An Impressive Show Imagine in the Dubai Festival City

2:08 pm  |  10.07.2023
Dubai Festival City Imagine

An impressive tourist attraction is certainly the free Dubai Festival City Imagine Show where you can get everything from laser, light, water, and fire. Such something similar is currently not available in Emirate Dubai and that’s exceptional.

Information about the Dubai Festival City Imagine

There are many spectacular free Dubai sights that you can watch. But certainly, a highlight is located in the Dubai Festival City Mall. For tourists, this is probably not so well known as the Dubai Mall. It is one of Dubai’s largest shopping malls who is always recommended for a visit. This has been greatly expanded in recent years and has become a beautiful shopping center now. But the highlight is the Dubai Festival City Imagine Show where you will certainly be impressed. If you have not seen such a thing then you can not get out of the marvel. Maybe you have seen a laser show somewhere. But this show will exceed everything you have seen.

Largest Laser Projection Area of ​​the World

Dubai Festival City Imagine

How to get used to Dubai is only satisfied with the best. That is one gets there even more than us where. That’s why you do not need to be surprised by the Dubai Festival City Imagine Show also has an entry in the Guinness Book of Records. This is the largest projection area around the world with a laser and video on a building. Normally one needs some canvas or something similar to the laser can recognize. But there is no canvas and the show is projected at the nearby Intercontinental Dubai Festival City Hotel. Thus, the façade from the hotel at the same time the canvas which is certainly very extraordinary. But in Emirate Dubai, it has been made possible and you will be excited.

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Normally, if you get such an impressive show you have to pay admission. It would be okay if you have to pay there a pair of Dirham. But many attractions in the city are free of charge as well as the Dubai Fountains. Thus, all visitors to the shopping center can also watch the Dubai Festival City Imagine Show for free and as often as you like. As a rule, you will be so excited that you want to look at the next show.

There are several shows such as Star Dancer or also a Child’s Dream. This is a mixture of dancing water fountains, music, light, fire, and laser show. In principle, you can not exactly describe this because you have to have seen this in real. Right in front of the shopping center, there is a small lake where this is performed.

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Times of the Show

To view the Dubai Festival City Imagine Show at all, you should know the times. Furthermore, it is so this takes place every day. Normally, the first show always starts at 19:00 in the evening. It must be dark so you can see the laser show. Then this always takes place every hour. The last show is then at 23:00 if you want to look at it again. If you want then you can watch up to five shows in the evening. But you should take an early stage at an early stage when you want to do photos or videos. The good places are always busy very quickly and therefore you should always be there around 10 to 15 minutes before.

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Location Address

Video projection on the InterContinental Dubai Festival City Hotel

Of course, you should also inform yourself how to get to the Dubai Festival City. It is not possible to go directly with the Dubai Metro there. In our opinion, you should use a taxi and that does not cost much. There you can drive directly in front of the main entrance. There is also the Hard Rock Cafe Dubai. Maybe you want to look at it. If you have a rental car then you can park this in the large parking garage for free.

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