Dubai Emigrate: Info about Dubai Emigrating

10:42 pm  |  26.12.2021
Dubai Emigrate

If you want to emigrate to Dubai, there is much important information that you should definitely know. This step must definitely be thoroughly planned so that you do not get any problems on-site.

Emigration Information about Dubai

There are many tourists who have already made a holiday several times in Dubai and then you certainly come to emigrate very quickly on the thought in the Emirate. You would like to work there where other holidays make. That’s the dream idea for most. But the reality definitely looks very different and you have to pay attention a lot. There are many differences between western countries and the United Arab Emirates to take into account. In our opinion, it is easiest if you can work at a western company in Dubai. This is certainly the easiest way to take place at all feet. Of course, if you want to start your own business there then this is much harder. That means in Dubai there is everything and the inhabitants certainly do not wait for one. In this post, you now get much useful information you should know.

Visa and Residence Permit

So that you can even emigrate to Dubai you need a valid visa. This means that differs from a tourist visa. For example, if you’re vacationing there then you get a free VISA on Arrival when entering Dubai for a period of 30 days. But with this, you can not pursue any circumstances. Furthermore, you have to leave the country again after 30 days. Of course, this is completely sufficient for a holiday. You have to know that this is very strictly controlled. As soon as you have exceeded the residence permit you have to expect a fine.

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Emirates ID Card

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When foreigners living in Dubai you need an Emirates ID Card (United Arab Emirates Identity Card). This is a kind of residence permit where the entry into the emirates is much faster. This can be compared to this, for example, with a Green Card that is necessary for the USA. By the way, this must be requested from the Emirates Identity Authority. Furthermore, one should know that this has only validity of a maximum of three years. But you can extend them again if necessary. In the Emirates, it is so regulated that most guest workers stay there only a few years to work there. After that, these people return to their home countries. It is not provided that you get an unlimited residence permit. But that does not mean that this is not possible. You already need very good contacts so you get this.

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Medical Examination is Necessary

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The emirates are very careful and if a guest worker wants to come to the country then one must undergo a medical examination. That means there is a health check done. But that’s no problem and it is checked if you have any diseases. Of course, the country does not want to be introduced to the diseases. But the emirates have a very good health system.

Visa is Always Dependent on the Job

In Dubai, the visa is always bound to the job. That is one needs a job so you can stay there at all. If, for example, the employer is not satisfied with the employees then he can naturally cancel this. But that means that at the same time that you have lost his residence permit. One has a limited time (1 month) to leave the country again. If you do not do that then you consider practically illegally there. You should definitely avoid that so that you do not have any problems when leaving the Dubai International Airport.

Health Insurance is Important

If you want to visit a doctor in Dubai then you have to pay for the treatment yourself directly on site. But if you have foreign health insurance then you get the treatment costs reimbursed. If you want to emigrate to Dubai then you should first inquire exactly what insurance is the best. 

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What Language Skills Do You Need to Emigrate to the Dubai

The most important language in Dubai is of course English. That means the inhabitants and the guest workers communicate in the English language. So you should definitely have very good English knowledge so you can communicate locally. If this is not the case then you should definitely improve these in any case. Furthermore, it is also advisable that one has basic knowledge of the Arabic language. It is always seen if you can talk there a few words there. But when visiting an authority in Dubai English is necessary and the staff there is very good. So this is not a problem.


As a rule, the Dubai emigrate is always associated with it to earn more money there. It attracts tax clearance there and much more. That is one should be an engineer, or also manager of a hotel. Furthermore, it is also very popular to work with the state airline Emirates Airline.

You Have to Pay Taxes There

As already mentioned, the tax clearance is one of the great lockmen Why you want to emigrate to Dubai. There is no income tax there and then of course you have more money on the account at the end of the month. But one should also consider that, for example, you still have to pay the health insurance. Furthermore, there is also a VAT but is very low in Dubai. Thus, you can definitely save very much money if you want to live and work there for a few years.

Apartment and Accommodation in Dubai

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If you want to emigrate to Dubai then you also need accommodation. First, you should know that the selection is very big there. One should therefore previously determine which claims one has access to the accommodation. For example, you can rent an apartment for rent. If you want it more expensive then you can also rent a villa. That’s all possible.

But if you want to rent a luxury villa with a pool then you pay accordingly to what you can imagine. Furthermore, it is advantageous if accommodation is placed on the employer. If this is not the case then you have to go to the search yourself. 

Bank Account

United Arab Emirates Passport

In any case, it is also important that you have a bank account at a bank in Dubai. So that you can apply for this at all, you also need a valid residence permit. There are also some documents necessary to show. But there are also numerous foreign banks in Dubai that have a branch there.

Pension and Retirement

If you want to emigrate to Dubai then you have to take care of the pension and pensions yourself. This means you have to conclude insurance yourself so that you can get something from retirement age to what you can live. But mostly most guest workers are working only for a limited time in the Emirates and then this is not necessary.

You Get an Unlimited Visa

As already mentioned, it is not that easy to get an unlimited visa for the UAE. But if you bring the necessary capital and property bought there then this is certainly beneficial. Furthermore, you should be able to show sufficient money.

High Professional Qualification is Important

So that you can even get a well-paid job in Dubai you should have a high professional qualification. This means you should be a doctor, pilot, engineer, manager or IT, specialist. As a rule, these are then jobs that are needed in Dubai. If this is the case then you will be able to earn a lot of money there.


Also very important is certainly the climate in Dubai. You have to know that the UAE belongs to the warmest regions in the world. Especially in summer, the temperatures in Dubai can rise very much to almost 50 degrees. On the other hand, the winter months are also the best travel time for Dubai. One should then be able to adjust to this climate.

Our Opinion

You should definitely prepare yourself thoroughly. It attracts the year-round warm climate and luxury. Either one must bring the necessary capital to live there or have a job. If you have to work there to make a livelihood then it is beneficial if you get a job at a western company in Dubai. But the emirates are a country where most of them stay just a few years.

It is not provided there that you become inhabitants of Dubai. There are many pensioners who spend the winter there for example a few months a year as it is warmer there. Others, on the other hand, work there for a few years to earn a lot of money. So there are many reasons why you should emigrate to Dubai. Our tip is to be a vacation in Dubai before. Then you can quickly see if you can imagine that to live and work there.

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