Dubai Dino: Incredible Exhibit at Downtown Dubai

10:54 pm  |  09.09.2021
Dubai Dino

The Dubai Mall has an interesting attraction called the Dubai Dino. This is a dinosaur skeleton from the USA that is exhibited there for visitors. It goes without saying that this is very impressive and normally you don’t get to see it in a mall. But this was made possible there and shouldn’t be missed to see.

Information about Dubai Dino

In the largest shopping mall in the world, there are not only many shops, but also a number of numerous sights that you can visit. If you are also not interested in the shops and want to buy something there, you can easily spend the whole day there without even visiting a shop. The shopping center has also become a great pleasure temple where a visit is always a lot of fun. As already mentioned, the attraction is called Dubai Dino and it is a real skeleton.

There are many spectacular sights in the emirate of Dubai. But a dinosaur skeleton does not yet exist and that was still missing. So that visitors to the Dubai Mall don’t get bored, the operator has come up with something very special. 

It simply imported a skeleton from the USA and is now displaying it in the mall. If you are in the mall at the moment you don’t need to be surprised if you see the Dubai Dino there. There are also numerous other attractions such as the Dubai Ice Rink or the Dubai Aquarium Underwater Zoo. So you will not only find many shops there but also numerous entertainment options. You will certainly not get bored there when you visit.

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For example, you would normally see a skeleton of a dinosaur in a natural history museum. Furthermore, you usually have to pay an entrance fee there. In the Dubai Mall, visiting the Dubai Dino is completely free and you don’t have to pay anything for it. That means if you are in this shopping center then you just go there and have a look. Of course, you can also take great photos. This is of course an interesting picture of the Dubai vacation, which you certainly did not expect to see a dinosaur there.

Opening Hours

The Dubai Dino attraction can be visited during the regular opening times of the Dubai Mall. From Sunday to Wednesday, the shopping center is open between 10:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. At the weekend you have a little more time to look at the dinosaurs. The opening times there are from Thursday to Saturday between 10 a.m. and midnight. So you can go there any day of the week if you want. Usually, there is no day off and you can go there from Monday to Sunday.

Address and Location

Of course, the address where you can even see the Dubai Dino is also very important. This is located in the Dubai Mall and there exactly in the area of ​​the Gold Souk. We recommend taking the Dubai Metro to this shopping center and that is the quickest way to get there. Many hotels also offer a free shuttle bus that guests of the hotel can use.

You can also drive to the Dubai Mall and then park the rental car in the large parking garage. But if you are there for the first time, it is best to use the metro or taxi. With a taxi, you still have the advantage that you are driven directly in front of the main entrance and that is very practical.

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Dubai Dino

The dinosaur skeleton is said to be 155 million years old and comes from Wyoming in the USA. Surely you can imagine that it was a very big effort to transport this to Dubai. Furthermore, this also costs a lot of money and you can look at it for free. It is estimated that 90 percent of the skeleton is in its original state and 10 percent had to be helped. But if you stand in front of the Dubai Dino you won’t notice anything as a visitor. It is a diplodocus belonging to the genus of sauropod dinosaurs. However, the skeleton must not be touched or touched as it could be damaged.

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Can You Touch It?

As a visitor, you are of course not allowed to touch or touch the Dubai Dino. This is very valuable and could be destroyed by it. That is why it stands on a pedestal and is spectacularly illuminated with light. Right in front of it, there are a couple of interactive screens where you can learn a lot about the story. You can of course take photos and that’s not a problem. As a visitor, you will quickly see how big the dinosaur actually is.

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