Dubai Crime: Like a Tourist, You are Safe in the Emirate, Because the Dubai Crime Rate is Very Low

11:35 pm  |  03.11.2021
Dubai Crime

As a tourist, you are very safe in the emirate and the Dubai crime rate is low. So you can go on vacation there without hesitation. The United Arab Emirates is one of the safest countries in the world.

Dubai Crime Information

When deciding on a travel destination, safety is of course very important. There you ask yourself whether you can even go on vacation there. In the past, you have probably seen many attacks on popular vacation destinations on television. These were, for example, Egypt, Tunisia, and Turkey. But if you are not safe there then the travel destination will be avoided. Many hotels noticed this and then they were no longer fully booked. The Emirates have so far been spared attacks and Dubai crime is currently zero percent. That means the guest workers know very well how to be there. If you commit a crime there, for example, you have to expect high penalties. Of course, you don’t want to have that and earn good money there.

How High is the Crime Councils in Dubai

Dubai Police Car

As already mentioned, this is low and is around zero percent. There are hardly any pickpockets and you can move around the city safely as a tourist. So you don’t have to be afraid that you will be attacked or robbed there. If you compare the emirate with other cities in the world then you are very safe there. But we still recommend being careful as a tourist in a foreign country. You are a guest in this country and you want to go on vacation there. So you always need a few days to get used to the new environment. Of course, many mistakes can happen there because you may not be particularly careful.

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Crimes Happen There Too

It is of course not that there is no such thing as Dubai crime. There is no such thing in any city in the world where many millions of people live. There are always problems and differences of opinion there. For the construction boom, many guest workers were brought into the country who may have different ideas. As a result, the crime rate has also increased. But they know very well that you are not allowed to commit any crime there. These were brought into the country to work and earn money there. Usually, they are only there for a few years and then send the money home. If they have made themselves a criminal offense, you will then be expelled from the country and will no longer be allowed to enter the country. This means that they can no longer earn any money and send it home. Therefore, the guest workers know exactly what you can and cannot do there.

Police Presence at Important Points in the City

So that tourists feel safe at all, there is a police presence everywhere at important points. This is the case, for example, with the Dubai Metro or at Dubai Airport. Because there are always a lot of people there. Tensions and problems can always arise there. But due to the high police presence, Dubai crime can be fought and is at a low level.

Don’t Show Your Photo, Camera, or Smartphone Too Freely

A good tip is always not to carry the expensive cameras around openly. That means you should hide them so you can’t see them right away. Many foreign workers may earn as much as an expensive SLR camera costs for a whole month. As a tourist, you can certainly imagine that the guest workers are not exactly thrilled when someone else can afford it. So it is always better if you don’t show this around too freely. If you have a bag then you can safely stow the electronic devices there.

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You Can Move Freely There at Night

In many big cities around the world, you shouldn’t be out and about alone in the evening. There are neighborhoods there that you should rather avoid. But in Dubai, you don’t need to be afraid there and you can be anywhere at any time, even at night. You are very safe there as the Dubai crime rate is very low. It is also possible to take a taxi to the hotel at 3:00 a.m. without any problems. Most taxis in Dubai now have a camera. This can increase safety for the driver and also for the guests.

Hotels and Malls Have Security Guards

Women in the police force in Dubai

Most hotels in Dubai also have their own security staff. These can usually be found in the area of ​​the main entrance as there are of course a lot of people going in and out. But the area around the pool is also checked around the clock by security. This means that non-hotel guests have absolutely no chance of getting into the hotel. The security staff always see very carefully whether you are a hotel guest or not. But the large Dubai shopping malls also have staff who ensure a high level of security. So you can go shopping there without hesitation. Especially in front of expensive and luxurious shops, for example in the Dubai Mall, you will find additional security personnel. So you can buy an expensive luxury watch there without being robbed. Due to the many security measures, Dubai’s crime is very low and tourists feel safe.

As a Woman Traveling Alone in the City

It is also possible that you can be alone in the city as a woman. You can take a taxi from the Burj Khalifa to Dubai Creek, for example, without being bothered. Of course, as a woman, you should also adapt. That means you shouldn’t dress too revealingly so that this might be attractive for the guest workers. If you are on the beach then you should wear a bathing suit rather than a bikini. So there are many tips that you can take into account so that you can go on holiday there safely.

High Penalties for a Crime

Of course, there are also criminal offenses in the city, and Dubai crime is not entirely excluded. There have also been rapes and women have to be particularly careful there. But if you commit a crime there you have to expect very high penalties. That means you can get to the prison there very quickly. Furthermore, you will be deported and expelled from the country very quickly. There have been many incidents with tourists in the past. But if you behave normally on vacation then you don’t need to be afraid.

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Lots of Surveillance Cameras in Buildings and Places

Surveillance cameras can be found everywhere so that the Dubai crime can be contained again. Usually mostly in hotels, shopping malls, and public places. But these can now also be found in taxis. These should of course ensure a feeling of security and criminal offenses can be detected. So you can go on holiday in the emirate without any problems and you also feel safe there. Due to the high level of security, more and more tourists are choosing Dubai as a travel destination.

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