Dubai Climate: Here You Can Find All Information about the Climate in Dubai

9:49 pm  |  19.09.2021
Dubai Climate

The emirate of Dubai has a climate with very hot summers. In winter it is dry and warm and there is hardly any rain in the whole year.

Information about the Dubai Climate

If you decide to travel to Dubai then you should inquire beforehand exactly how the climate is actually there. You have to know that not everyone can handle this, especially in the summer months. The best time to travel to Dubai is of course the winter months from October to April, where the best temperatures are. Furthermore, there is practically always sunshine there and you don’t have to sweat anymore.

On the other hand, from June to August, for example, this is significantly different and you should definitely know that. That is why many tourists avoid this destination in summer because it is simply too hot. But there are also those who love exactly that. On this page, you can now find out everything about the climate in Dubai and which season is suitable. The price for a vacation there always depends on the travel time.

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What is the Climate in Dubai

Since the metropolis of Dubai is located directly on the sea, there is subtropical to even tropical climate. You have to know that there is an average annual temperature of 28 degrees. That means there in summer the temperatures rise well above the 40-degree mark. On some days it can be 45 degrees during the day. At night, these no longer cool below 30 degrees.

Emirate of Dubai in the UAE

So as a tourist, you are exposed to constant heat and many cannot tolerate that. If you then go inland then this is characterized by a desert climate where it is hot and dry. Sometimes you have to reckon with temperatures of around 50 degrees there. We definitely do not recommend going alone into the desert and then rather going on a guided desert safari. Furthermore, you always have to drink a lot of water because you sweat very often.

When is the Best Time to Travel to Dubai to Go on Vacation There?

As already mentioned, these are the months over the winter that start from October and that usually go until April. There you have daytime temperatures between 25 to 30 degrees and that is perfect for a beach holiday. However, most of the tourists are there and the hotels are well booked. The disadvantage is that the overnight prices increase significantly. That means you pay almost twice as much for an overnight stay in winter as in summer. If you want it to be sunny and warm during this travel time then you have to spend more money. You definitely have to know that.

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Dubai Temperatures

The best thing to do is take a look at the climate table or our article about the temperatures in Dubai. There you can see exactly how many degrees you can expect in which month. This is a big difference and in July it can be 45 degrees during the day and 25 degrees in December. There you have a temperature difference of 20 degrees during the day and that’s a lot. So there is the right travel time for every taste that you can imagine. It can be warm and also very hot in the emirate.

You Can Swim in Dubai in January

Basically, Dubai is a year-round travel destination. But you have to know that January is usually the coldest month of the year. Of course, you can’t speak of cold there. But the temperatures are then much cooler than in the other months. It can also be raining for an hour. Usually, there is not much rain and only a few drops. Now you come back to the question of whether you can swim there at all.

The answer is of course yes and the water temperature is still between 20 to 23 degrees. However, when you come out of the water you freeze a little because the air temperature is higher. If you prefer to have warm water, you should opt for another month of travel. Furthermore, you have to know that the hotels heat the pools and so this is very pleasant there. In contrast, the water from the hotel pools is then cooled again in summer.

In the Emirate of Dubai, Everything is Perfectly Air-Conditioned

The Beach at The Island

In any case, one can say that they have prepared themselves well for the climate there. That means everything is wonderfully air-conditioned and you don’t have to sweat at all in the hotels and shopping malls. Even the metro stations or the bus stops are air-conditioned. But tourists there should be particularly careful not to catch a cold. There are always many who do it wrong and set the air conditioning in the hotel room to very cool, for example during the night. Then you realize the next morning that you may have got a scratchy throat. We recommend running the air conditioning only when you are not in the hotel room. At night you should turn this off.

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How High is the Humidity in Dubai

Dubai Annual Weather

Especially in summer, the humidity is very high and then a problem for many tourists. It can be that the heat sometimes builds up and then you start to sweat very quickly. You only need to be outdoors for five minutes. In principle, this can then be compared to a sauna. We recommend that you always wear breathable clothing. This then dries again very quickly. Under no circumstances should you wear a cotton T-shirt as this will not dry out as quickly in this humidity. If you then go to an air-conditioned shopping mall in Dubai sweaty then this is certainly not beneficial for your health.

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