Dubai Butterfly Garden: Your Children Will Be Interested

3:55 pm  |  27.08.2021
Dubai Butterfly Garden

If you would like to see butterflies on vacation then you should visit the Dubai Butterfly Garden. This is a beautiful park where you can see particularly large butterflies. It is also said to be the largest of its kind in the world and you can see 35,000 butterflies there. You have never seen so many.

Information About the Dubai Butterfly Garden

The park opened on March 24, 2015, and thousands of visitors flock there every day. The butterflies are housed in several domes that have an area of ​​4,500 square meters. The design alone is very spectacular and a tour is definitely worth it.

You get very close to the butterflies, of course. If you are lucky then someone will even sit on your hand and then you can take great photos. That is certainly a nice experience on vacation in Dubai. In each dome, visitors can see 24 different species. A constant temperature of 24 degrees is kept there so that the butterflies lack nothing. This is the temperature where the butterflies feel most comfortable.

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Opening Hours

The Dubai Butterfly Garden is open Sunday through Thursday between 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. So you can stop by there every day if you feel like it. A visit is also worthwhile in the evening and of course the atmosphere there is a bit different when it is already dark.

On the weekend from Friday to Saturday, the opening times are from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. There you have a little more time to visit and, of course, more and more visitors come on the weekend. If you want to have more peace and quiet then you should go there during the week.

Prices for a Ticket

Adults pay 50 dirhams to enter. There is no discount for children on admission and they have to pay the full price. But if you have small children under three years of age, admission is free. The Dubai Miracle Garden is also nearby and it is worth seeing both at the same time.

Dubai Miracle Garden

So you should bring enough time to visit both parks. But it is definitely worth it and you will be amazed. At the moment there are no tickets available where you can combine both attractions. You have to buy a single ticket for each park.

Address and Location

The Dubai Butterfly Garden is located far outside the city center in Al Barsha South 3. The best way to get there is by taxi. There is not yet a connection to the Dubai Metro Station. There is also a bus that goes there. This is of course even cheaper than a taxi. But there you always have to stick to fixed travel times. With a taxi, you are very flexible and you can go back to the hotel at any time. If you have a rental car you can park there. There is ample parking space.

Where do the Butterflies Come From?

 All the butterflies you see in the Dubai Butterfly Garden come from Latin America, Asia, and Africa. At the moment they are all imported there and none are bred themselves. But this will certainly come in the future and then these no longer need to be imported. 

The butterflies grow very quickly and can be up to 200 millimeters in diameter. Of course, these are very large and you can probably only see something like this in Dubai.

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What Else to Discover There?

As in all parks in the world, there is also a souvenir shop there. There you can buy a souvenir of your visit. Then there is a coffee shop where you can get something to eat and drink. Not only the visitors are hungry, but also the butterflies. Best of all, you can feed them with bananas in small bowls. It is very popular and can be used to attract them.

You Can Touch the Butterflies

Of course, it is also possible to touch the butterflies in the Dubai Butterfly Garden. But since these are very sensitive you have to touch them very carefully. It is always very nice when they sit down on the hand. When you’ve had enough, they just fly away.

Witness with your own eyes how the fascinating creatures develop from caterpillars to moths. The Dubai Butterfly Garden is an ideal destination for the whole family and provides all sorts of interesting facts about butterflies in a playful way.

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Another highlight is the Butterfly and Insect Museum, which offers interesting information about various types of butterflies and insects from all over the world – perfect for inquisitive explorers of all ages.

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  2. […] READ: Dubai Butterfly Garden: Your Children Will Be Interested […]

  3. […] READ: Dubai Butterfly Garden: Your Children Will Be Interested […]

  4. […] READ: Dubai Butterfly Garden: Your Children Will Be Interested […]

  5. […] READ: Dubai Butterfly Garden: Your Children Will Be Interested […]

  6. […] READ: Dubai Butterfly Garden: Your Children Will Be Interested […]

  7. […] READ: Dubai Butterfly Garden: Your Children Will Be Interested […]

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