Dubai Aquarium Sightseeing: Information about Dubai Aquarium for Tourists

9:51 pm  |  11.11.2021
Dubai Aquarium Sightseeing

Here you can get useful information about visiting the Dubai Aquarium and where to buy the ticket. It is an experience not to be missed.

Information about Visiting Dubai Aquarium

The emirate certainly offers many interesting highlights for tourists. But don’t miss a visit to the Dubai Aquarium. It is located in the Dubai Mall and extends over several floors of the mall. You have probably never seen anything that big. For the Dubai Aquarium visit, however, there are a few things to consider and here you get tips on how best to look at it. In principle, anyone can look at this and it is free of charge. But if you want to go through the glass tunnel then you have to pay an entrance fee.

What is the Dubai Aquarium

The glass tunnel in the Dubai Aquarium

As in many cities around the world, there is also a very nice aquarium there. Usually, these are in a zoo. But in Dubai, this has been done very differently and it is located in the largest shopping mall in the world and is the Dubai Mall. That is certainly something very special. There are around 33,000 animals of 140 different species in the aquarium. You are sure to see a fish there that you have never seen before. Of course, there are also sharks swimming back and forth, making a visit to the Dubai Aquarium and experiencing. You get very close to the animals because you can stand right next to the glass pane. We will explain again here where exactly this is possible.

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The Largest Windshield in the World

The highlight of the Dubai Aquarium is certainly the front window. Because this has the record as the “largest windshield in the world” and is also entered in the Guinness Book of Records. Furthermore, you have to imagine that this is very large. If you’ve never seen this before, it’s hard to believe. The width there is gigantic 32.88 meters and the height 8.30 meters. Then there is certainly the thickness of 750 millimeters. Now you probably ask yourself why it is so thick at all. There are 10 million liters of water in the aquarium and of course, the pane must be able to withstand this pressure. If you look in from the outside you always get the impression that the fish look bigger.

8-Meter Long Glass Tunnel

Dubai Aquarium rays

The 48-meter long glass tunnel through which visitors can walk is certainly very spectacular when visiting the Dubai Aquarium. But unfortunately, this is only possible if you buy a ticket. From the outside, you can take a look inside. That is certainly impressive, but if you go through there once then this is something completely different from what you can imagine. You also have the opportunity to take great photos of your Dubai trip there. If you are lucky, then even a shark swims directly over you and that is an experience that you won’t soon forget.

Opening Hours

Before visiting the Dubai Aquarium, you should of course find out about the opening times. These are daily from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and so you have enough time to look at the aquarium and at the same time the shops in the shopping center if you want. But you should plan enough time so that you can see everything exactly.

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Underwater Zoo

The underwater zoo area, which is only accessible if you have a ticket, has certainly also been done very nicely. This is especially interesting for the children because you can see many sea creatures there and the whole thing is still very close. You can also see a crocodile there. But you don’t have to be afraid there as everything is very well secured and the animals are behind a pane of glass. Furthermore, their children also have the opportunity to stroke animals and that is definitely something very extraordinary that you don’t do every day.

A shark in the Dubai Aquarium

For many visitors, it is very important how close you get to the animals when visiting the Dubai Aquarium. If you want you can even go straight to the aquarium and go diving with sharks. Doing something like this is certainly a part of courage and is something extraordinary that you don’t do every day. But there are still experienced divers in the pool who ensure the necessary safety so that nothing happens. So you can get very close to the fish if you want. Visitors who are not quite so brave can also look at it from the outside in peace. You are protected from the fish by the thick windshield.


There are a lot of different tickets that you can buy. It is best if you visit our Dubai ticket shop where you can buy them online if you want. For example, if you only want to see the glass tunnel and the underwater zoo then you pay around 100 dirhams per person. There is only a discount for children under three years of age. If you want to go straight into the pool and watch the sharks being fed, the ticket costs about 630 dirhams.

You Can See the Dubai Aquarium for Free

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It is possible to look at the aquarium from the outside for free because it is very large. You can see the fish swimming around and that is impressive. But if you want to see the underwater zoo or go through the glass tunnel, you always need a ticket. As a visitor, you can decide for yourself what you want to see and how much money you want to spend.

Location, Directions, and Address

Of course, the address for the Dubai Aquarium tour is also very important. If you want to use the Dubai Metro then you can get off at the Burj Khalifa Dubai Metro Station. From there you only have to go to the Dubai Mall and then you can see the aquarium from afar as it is very large. You can also take a taxi right in front of the main entrance of the shopping center. From there it is only a few meters and then you are already there. Anyone who has booked a hotel nearby can use the free shuttle buses that go to the shopping mall several times a day.

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