Dubai Airport Terminal 3: Dubai Airport Terminal 3 is Divided into Concourse B and A

8:32 pm  |  21.10.2021
Dubai Airport Terminal 3

Here you can find information about Dubai Airport Terminal 3, where all Emirates Airline passengers land. This is used exclusively by this airline. It is also the most modern terminal at the airport where there is a large duty-free area.

Information on Dubai Airport Terminal 3

As a rule, most tourists fly to Dubai with Emirates. As already mentioned, you land there in Terminal 3 of Dubai International Airport. This opened in 2008 and cost around 4.5 billion US dollars. The airport is operated by the Dubai Airports Company, which is owned by the government of Dubai. It is a very modern terminal and passengers can easily find their way around there. Even if you are there for the first time you don’t have to worry. Everything is very well described and the gates can be found very quickly. You can also find staff everywhere who are happy to help with any questions.

Concourse B

Terminal 3 is so big that it had to be divided into different concourses. There is a Concourse A and B used by the Emirates airline. When you land there you don’t have to worry about which concourse you are in at first. It only gets interesting when you have to change at Dubai Airport. Because it may be that you land in Concourse A and the connecting flight is then in Concourse B. There you should plan enough time to get to the gate.

It is important to know that the two Concourse A and B are not directly connected. There is an underground train that you then have to use. This can then be used to switch between the two terminals. The Emirates Business and First Class Lounges are also located in Concourse B. Also the Marhaba Lounge. The First Class Lounge has a capacity of 1,800 passengers. The Business Class Lounge is even bigger and offers space for 3,000 passengers. The Marhaba Lounge is the smallest with 300 seats.

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Concourse A

The baggage carousel from Terminal 3

The newest part of Dubai Airport Terminal 3 is Concourse A and mostly Airbus A380 planes land there. This terminal is a bit smaller but also has its own duty-free area and numerous restaurants and shops. It is estimated that the construction costs there were around 3.2 billion US dollars. This terminal was opened on January 2, 2013.

It was of course specially built for the largest passenger aircraft in the world that takes up a lot of space. In Concourse A there are 20 gates where 18 alone are suitable for the Airbus A380. If you fly on from this terminal then you only have to look for the gate. But if you have to change the terminal then it can take an hour to do so. If the time to change trains is very short, you should contact the airline immediately. There is a special team there where you are quickly brought to the connecting gate.

Is there a Dubai Metro Connection There

Zen Gardens in Dubai Airport Terminal 3

The Dubai Airport Terminal 3 has a direct connection to the Dubai Metro which is very practical. So you can get to the city center very quickly. You have to use the red line and this also goes to many hotels in the area. But you should inform yourself beforehand about the location of the hotel and whether the metro stops nearby. If this is not the case then it is better to use the taxi. There are special airport taxis that you can use. There is also enough space for luggage.

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Dubai Duty-Free

You certainly want to do some shopping at the airport in the so-called Dubai Duty-Free of Dubai Airport Terminal 3. There is one in both Concourse and one in Concourse B is slightly larger. But in principle, you can find the same products there and it doesn’t matter which one you are in. Now you probably ask yourself whether you can shop there cheaply. There are some products where you can get a bargain. But the prices are not as cheap as you might imagine. There you can also buy gold jewelry, cigarettes or perfume. We recommend always comparing the prices exactly whether it is worth it. As a rule, you don’t get a bargain for electronics and it is not worth buying there. But there can always be promotions where they are cheaper.

Eat and Drink

Dubai Airport Terminal 3

If you are transferring at Dubai Airport Terminal 3 then you usually have to wait two to three hours for the connecting flight to continue. You can then spend the time in the numerous restaurants, cafes and in the food court. I’m sure you’re hungry there if the food on the plane didn’t taste good. All the well-known international fast-food chains are there and you don’t have to go looking for a long time. But as with all airports in the world, you have to pay a lot more there.

Security Checks

Of course, security is particularly important at an airport. If you only have one stopover at Dubai Airport Terminal 3 then you always stay in the so-called transit area. The duty-free area and the restaurants are located there. Before entering this, all passengers are checked. So you should always make sure that you don’t have any prohibited items with you. But if you want to go on holiday in Dubai then you have to go to the immigration counters and there is also a control.

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You Can Also Change Money There

Of course, it is possible that you can change money there. You can exchange the currency from Euro for Dirham and that is not a problem. But you won’t get such a good course at Dubai Airport Terminal 3. We only recommend exchanging money there if you urgently need it. Otherwise, you should rather wait until you get to a shopping mall in Dubai. The exchange rate is always better there and you get more for your money there.

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