Dubai Airport Terminal 2: Information on Dubai Airport Terminal 2 for Passengers

8:16 pm  |  17.10.2021
Dubai Airport Terminal 2

Here you can find information about Dubai Airport Terminal 2. There is the hub of the low-cost airline Flydubai where you can reach many destinations in the region.

Information about Dubai Airport Terminal 2

Dubai Airport at night

Usually, most of the passengers land in Dubai Airport Terminal 1 or Dubai Airport Terminal 3. If you fly to Dubai International Airport with Emirates Airline or Lufthansa, this is the case there. But there is also a Dubai Airport Terminal 2 which many tourists probably don’t even know. But if you fly with Flydubai then you have to use this terminal. It is also located exactly on the opposite side of the airport. Numerous cargo airlines also use this terminal. But of course, there is not as much activity there as in the other area of ​​the airport. Once you fly there, you will learn a lot about the terminal and what you should know.

How to Get to the Terminal

First of all, you should of course know how to get to Dubai Airport Terminal 2 at all. We recommend that passengers use a taxi. There you can be driven directly in front of the departure terminal and that is very practical. It is not possible to get there by metro. Furthermore, many have a rental car and there is a large car park with over 1,000 spaces. You can also take over a car from there and return it. This is not a problem.

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Is There a Connection to Terminal 1 and 3

Now you probably ask yourself the question of how you actually get from Dubai Airport Terminal 2 to the other side. Because that’s where the other terminals are. There are also many passengers who, for example, fly to Dubai with Emirates and then fly on with Flydubai. So you need a transfer between the terminals. But this is not a problem either and there is a free shuttle bus. However, you should allow between 15 to 20 minutes for the journey. There is a tunnel there where you can go there quickly. The buses run regularly and you should find out exactly when the next one leaves.

Which Airlines Use Terminal 2

Dubai Airport Terminal 2 is currently used by around 50 different airlines. The capacity is five million passengers per year. However, the low-cost airline Flydubai takes care of the highest number of passengers. If you want to reach many destinations in the region cheaply, then this airline is exactly the right one. But as already mentioned, cargo and charter airlines also use this terminal. Incidentally, the Condor has already landed there. But it is now using the new Al Maktoum International Airport. If you fly with Emirates Airline then you always end up in Terminal 3. So it is always crucial which airline you fly to Dubai with.

Dubai Airport Terminal 2 is fully equipped like a normal airport and there are no restrictions for passengers. You can easily check in there and also enter the U.A.E. can be done there. There are currently 35 check-in counters and a Marhaba Lounge that can be used. The terminal also has several e-gates counters for quick entry and exit. It’s also very modern and the government has invested over $ 400 million there. In recent years this has also been greatly expanded because of the low-cost airline. As a result, many passengers there now also use this terminal. Of course, this is not as modern and large as Terminal 1 or 3.

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You Can Also Have Money Changed There

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In order to be able to pay in Dubai at all, you need the local currency dirham. You have to pay with this everywhere. But in Dubai Airport Terminal 2 there is an exchange office where you can exchange euros or US dollars in dirhams, for example. You just have to look for “Money Exchange”. However, our tip is to inquire about the exchange rate right away. Usually, you can’t get a good course right at the airport. We recommend only exchanging money there if you urgently need it, for example, to pay for the taxi. Otherwise, you should rather wait until you are in the city in a large shopping center like the Dubai Mall.

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Our Opinion

If you are flying with a low-cost airline from Dubai then you have to use Dubai Airport Terminal 2. But that is not a problem and it is a completely normal and modern terminal. The only difference is that it is on the opposite side. But with the buses, you can get to the others very quickly and so this is very practical. As already mentioned, you can fly to Dubai with Emirates and fly from there with Flydubai. In the meantime, the two airlines are also working together and this has become very easy.

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