Dubai Air Conditioners: Important Tips for Tourists

9:41 pm  |  17.06.2023
Dubai Air Conditioners

As a tourist, you shouldn’t underestimate the Dubai air conditioners because you can catch a cold there very quickly. We will explain how to use them correctly here.

Information on Dubai Air Conditioners

The temperatures in the emirate are very warm all year round and especially in the summer months it can get pretty hot. You have to reckon with at least 40 degrees during the day and 30 degrees during the night. Then of course you are always very happy with the Dubai air conditioners that provide the necessary cooling. It is very important here that you use and set them correctly. If you don’t do this, you can very quickly get a cold. You definitely don’t want something like that on your Dubai vacation. Because you are there to see the well-known sights and to relax on the beach. So there is a lot to consider there and here we have useful tips for tourists.

Don’t Cool Down Hotel Rooms Too Much

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As a rule, all hotel rooms in Dubai have air conditioning. There you can then set the temperature you would like. But there lurks a great danger that should not be underestimated. Many tourists then move into the hotel room and then set it to “extremely cool” first. You should definitely avoid that. Because the Dubai air conditioners are very powerful there and cool the room down very quickly. Of course, this is very useful and especially at night, you should set it to at least 23 degrees. If this is then set too cool during the night when you sleep, then it may be the next morning when you wake up that you already have a “scratchy throat”.

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So it could be that you caught a cold. We recommend leaving it on during the day when you are at the beach. If you are back in the hotel room to sleep there, you should switch them off again. The room is then still cool and will not heat up as much since it is dark. It is best to always keep the curtain closed in summer. This means that no heat can penetrate there.

Wear Breathable Clothing

When it’s around 40 degrees in Dubai, you should always make sure that you wear breathable clothing. Under no circumstances should you wear cotton T-shirts in the hot summer months. Because these absorb the sweat, which is very practical. But unfortunately, they hardly dry at all anymore in the heat. Many tourists then make the mistake of taking them to air-conditioned shopping centers such as the Dubai Mall. It’s only around 20 degrees there and the temperature difference is very big. If you are not used to this, you can catch a cold there very quickly. So there are a few things to consider about Dubai air conditioners if you want to go shopping.

All Buildings in the City are Air-Conditioned

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Due to the desert climate in Dubai, all buildings there are air-conditioned in principle. It starts in the hotel, supermarket, metro and much more. Even a bus stop has air conditioning in Dubai because you don’t have to sweat there when you’re waiting for the bus. As a tourist, you should definitely know that the air conditioning systems are very effective there. So this is often underestimated there and after a few days, many people notice that the Dubai air conditioning systems are not tolerated at all. Of course, if you live there all the time, it doesn’t matter and you get used to it. But if you’re only going there for a week and you’re exposed to such air conditioning, then you should adapt to it. If you don’t do this, you can have health problems.

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As soon as you fly to Dubai, you will find out very quickly that the planes are also air-conditioned. The air is always very dry there. Furthermore, it is often very cold on the plane and that is why you can always find the blankets there. There you should make sure that you don’t point the ventilation directly at your head and let yourself be constantly blown by it. You can do this for a few minutes if you need fresh air, for example. But then you should change this again because this is certainly not healthy. Especially if you fly in Economy Class, you have little space on the plane and can hardly avoid the air conditioning. If you can afford it, you should choose Business Class, where you have significantly more space.

You can set this in the hotel room so that the temperature is cooled down very quickly. As already mentioned, these are very strong and then you should rather go to the pool or beach. It is not recommended to stay in the room and let the Dubai air conditioning blow on you. Under no circumstances should this be set to 15 degrees, for example. Furthermore, it can also be that this freezes and then no longer works. It has also happened that hotel guests have set them too cool and then a technician had to come. It is usually the case that room cleaning always sets this to 23 degrees. This is a popular value set by most hotels around the world.

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Can You Regulate the Air Conditioning Yourself?

Normally you can adjust the temperature of the air conditioning in the room yourself. But there are also hotels where this cannot be done or regulation is not possible. The temperature is then specified there. Therefore, you should inquire beforehand whether this is possible or not. Here it makes sense to change the hotel room if this does not work there. You can usually even get a better room with an upgrade. Because the hotel guest should be satisfied with the room. So there is a lot to consider with the Dubai air conditioners and if you do it right then you won’t have any problems there.

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