Downtown Dubai Sights: These are the Top 7 Downtown Dubai Sights That You Have to See on Vacation

6:02 pm  |  24.10.2021
Downtown Dubai Sights

Here we present the best downtown Dubai sights that you should see. The highlight is of course the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall, which of course are among the city’s top attractions.

For tourists, there are many sights in Dubai that you can visit during a trip. But downtown Dubai is something special and there are also most of the attractions that are very interesting for holidaymakers. We, therefore, recommend staying there directly or in a hotel nearby and seeing everything. Otherwise, you would have to drive too far if you booked a beach hotel.

When you have seen everything then you simply switch to a beautiful beach hotel on the palm island. In our opinion, you need at least two to three days to visit the downtown Dubai attractions. So you should plan for this too. From there you also have a short airport transfer to Dubai International Airport, which is very practical.

Burj Khalifa and At the Top

The most visited attraction in the emirate of Dubai is of course the tallest building in the world and that is the Burj Khalifa. There are several viewing platforms that you can visit. We recommend that you always reserve the Burj Khalifa ticket online in advance because of the high demand. You have to know that you can only buy the remaining places on site. You can be lucky or unlucky there. If you are already standing in front of this skyscraper then you would also like to take the elevator up there. Otherwise, you would have missed something.

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Dubai Mall

Also one of the top downtown Dubai attractions is of course the largest shopping center in the world and that is the Dubai Mall. 

The first thing you should know is that it is very large with over 1,200 stores. In our opinion, it is not possible to see all the shops in one day. You can only look at certain areas at a time. So it’s better to plan several days and then see other attractions. You can always get a bargain there, especially at the Dubai Summer Surprises.

Souk al Bahar

The Souk al Bahar is also very nicely done and it is a traditional souk as you probably imagine when you are on holiday in the Orient. 

You can buy souvenirs from your trip there, for example. But the prices are a bit higher and there are other souks in town where you can get them cheaper. There are around 130 shops and 25 restaurants where you can always stroll. There is also a supermarket. Our tip is to buy Arabic souvenirs there that are only available there.

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Dubai Aquarium

A visit to the Dubai Aquarium is particularly recommended for families with children. 

Incidentally, this is located in the Dubai Mall and you can’t miss it because it is very large. It extends over several levels and there are around 33,000 sea creatures in the aquarium. Of course, there are also sharks and 85 other species. It is certainly interesting that the windshield is also the largest in the world. With a thickness of 750 millimeters, it is particularly robust so that it can withstand high water pressure. As one is used to from Dubai, everything is spectacular, of course.


Apple Store

The entrance to the Apple Store

Another highlight among the Downtown Dubai attractions is the largest Apple Store in the Middle East. You will be impressed by the size of the shop and it’s very modern. There you can buy the latest products from a smartphone, tablet, smartwatches, and much more. Now you probably wonder what the prices are like. Usually, these are not much cheaper than in Europe. But there are always good offers where you can access them. However, it is possible to try out the products without a seller coming straight away.

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Dubai Fountain

The largest water fountains in the world are of course also downtown and that is the Dubai Fountain. Of course, these are tourist magnets and you can watch the show as often as you want. 

The combination of music, water, and the light was implemented there perfectly and you will be amazed when you see it for the first time. But there are other water fountains in the city that are even a little higher and these are The Palm Fountain on the artificial island The Palm Jumeirah.

Lake Ride

Dubai Fountain Lake Ride

You can watch the Dubai Fountain show from the edge of Burj Khalifa Lake and take photos there. But you also have the option to do this with the Dubai Fountain Lake Ride. These are small abrasions that drive around there on the lake and that is always a lot of fun. When the show starts then they always stop to have a good position. Furthermore, you can of course take better photos from there because you are very close. You then sail around on the water for about 30 minutes and have a great view of the surrounding skyscrapers.

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  2. […] READ: Downtown Dubai Sights: These are the Top 7 Downtown Dubai Sights That You Have to See on Vacation […]

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