Dolphin Bay: You Will Never Forget It

10:10 pm  |  08.09.2021
Dolphin Bay

Once with dolphins swimming in the Dubai holiday is possible in Dolphin Bay. This belongs to the Atlantis The Palm Hotel and is a particularly popular attraction for children. Furthermore, it should also be the largest dolphin center of its kind in the world.

Information about Dolphin Bay

On vacation, tourists would always like to do extraordinary activities. For example, Dolphin Bay is an experience, and swimming with dolphins is something very extraordinary. You can not do that anywhere in the world. In the Atlantis The Palm Hotel this was made possible and the dolphins should have a healing effect on humans. You come very close to the animals and can even stroke and touch them. These are also pleased to play and want to play with the visitors. That’s why children like to do this very much.

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Atlantis Dolphin Encounter is an unforgettable experience for all ages in Dolphin Bay. Ideal for families with small children or non-swimmers. In Dolphin Bay, wade in hip-high crystal clear water and experience the playful world of dolphins. Learn interesting information about dolphins and other sea mammals. Experts for Marine Zoology and Water Theme Parks have developed an interactive concept in the Atlantis Dolphin Center, which largely meets the natural needs and behaviors of dolphins. A 4.5-hectare plant with three basins and seven “living pools” creates a lot of freedom of movement.

Dolphin Adventure

Experience a lot of fun with a raging “ride through the lagoon”. 

Ride on a dolphin, hug, kiss, and dance with the dolphin. Discover interesting information about dolphins and other sea mammals. The entire interaction takes place in the deep water. You have to swimmer and be able to step in the deep water.

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Royal Swimming with Dolphins

If you are looking for the ultimate dolphin experience, then choose the Atlantis Royal Swim. Experience action and fun in the dolphin swimming in the deep and flat water. Hold on to the dolphin and drive through the water. Experience the high feeling of how two dolphins pull them through the lagoon. Connect with your dolphin through kisses and hugs. Discover interesting information about dolphins and other sea mammals.


Surely you can imagine the Dolphin Bay is not exactly cheap. You pay for swimming with dolphins at about 845 dirhams and the price starts. Furthermore, you can still add a lot if you want. For example, you can book a package where you can swim alone with a dolphin. Otherwise, you are a group with a maximum of 10 people who have to share a dolphin. If you want this then you have to pay already 1,030 dirhams. There are as already mentioned many different packages you can book. These can be reserved in advance in our Dubai Excursions Shop.

Opening Hours

Dolphin Bay is open to the regular opening hours of the Atlantis The Palm. But you have to register there before and buy a ticket. Because demand is always very big and you should register a few days before. If you are lucky and a few dates are still free then you can try this at the box office. But this is probably only possible in the low season. If straight high season in Dubai is then you will not get free there. As already mentioned, swimming with dolphins in groups of a maximum of 10 persons is possible. Unless you buy the private package.

How Long Can You Swim with the Dolphins?

Swimming with dolphins

You can swim for a maximum of 30 minutes in Dolphin Bay with the dolphins. Of course, this is very exhausting for the animals and these then need a break what you can imagine. But you still have the opportunity to visit the Aquaventure water park for free. The ticket not only includes swimming with dolphins but also entry to the water park. There you can then relax all day. So you should plan a whole day for visiting this attraction in Dubai. 

Minimum Age

In principle, there is no minimum age and everyone may use Dolphin Bay. But if you are under 12 years old then you need a companion who has an age of at least 18 years. So it’s best if the mother or father is there. It is of course a great experience that you certainly will not forget so quickly. Of course, you can also take pictures and you can then look at this home. Then you can see what you have experienced everything there.

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Since the dolphins are of course very sensitive, there is a lot to consider. That is one should not get involved in advance with too much sunscreen. Because then the water can become dirty and that can damage the dolphins. Furthermore, the use of sun oil is completely prohibited. But you get a precise brief as you need to behave. You do not need to bring anything and you get a swimsuit for free. This also protects against sunburn. So there is a lot to note, but you do not have to worry. Everything is very well organized and you will have fun there.

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