Diving in Water: Sports and Extreme Diving in Dubai

11:56 pm  |  11.10.2023

The United Arab Emirates has a large number of exciting entertainment options provided to visitors. Sea diving is extremely popular here. There are several diving spots along the coast of the Emirates. You should definitely try sports and extreme diving during your trip to Dubai.

Extreme Diving in Dubai

A huge advantage is that all diving companies in the United Arab Emirates are certified. You don’t have to worry about your safety.

If you desire to learn diving, the diving club will teach you everything necessary. You can also rent wetsuits and other equipment for diving. If you have never dived before, local experts will give you instructions, after which you will receive a certificate.

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For an experienced diver, it is necessary to have an international certificate that confirms receipt of appropriate training and also indicates the presence of the required skills. In addition, the diver must have a personal pass, which records each of his dives underwater.

In the seas near Dubai, drivers have an incredible opportunity to see live dugongs – harbor seals. In addition, you can spot butterfly fish, parrot fish, and many turtles, octopuses, and barracudas live in this area. Every driver who fell into the water in this area was deeply touched by the experience. 

Often training dives last up to twelve hours. With the help of a good specialist, a beginner can become familiar with the basic rules of scuba diving.

In addition, the instructor helps in combating the fear of diving and the possibility of getting entangled in algae in the water. If you have professional equipment to rent and an experienced instructor, you will have an unforgettable diving experience, even if it is your first time.

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Night diving is also considered a popular entertainment. During such dives, you have a chance to see animals coming out at night because they often prefer to hide during the day. The main requirement for such dives is a group of people who want to try this wonderful hobby. There must be at least three people. At the same time, it is necessary to know and possess various skills for maritime advancement.

Popular Dive Spots

The most popular places where divers prefer to admire the life of marine animals are mainly located in the west of Dubai. We would like to highlight some objects that have recently gained significant popularity. Please find them below.

There is a barge submerged at a depth of approximately ten meters not far from the coast of Dubai. This place used to be very popular as it is home to many beautiful fish. However, due to active construction work in this area, today this facility attracts only beginners. They use them to practice the skills they learned during training.

DB 1/SMB. This place is believed to be a drilling platform that was flooded at a depth of approximately twenty-three meters. Visibility here is quite low, as there is a lot of silt. Another popular site is far from the drilling platform, the Yaramak tugboat wreck, which is home to many species of fish. This object is also used to train skills.

The sunken barge of Sheikh Mohammed. It is located approximately twelve miles from the coast and is flooded to a depth of twenty meters. This site is often visited by fans of wreck diving. In addition, there is another object nearby, an oil tanker. It was sunk by the crew, who were escaping from the Coast Guard. This object was flooded to a depth of thirty meters. This area is home to a large number of barracudas. Also, this object is considered the least explored near Dubai.

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Another sea vessel, the Ludwig, is located nearby. The object was flooded back in 1986. Today it is home to a large number of barracudas and stingrays.

The bulk carrier Yasim is also very popular. It is located at a depth of about 30 meters and has already been broken into three parts. These sites are quite remote but worthy of the attention of any experienced diver who wants to explore the marine world in this area. However, professional dive clothing is required to visit.

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