Diving in the UAE: Everything Beginners Need to Know

8:03 pm  |  22.06.2021
Diving in the UAE

Diving in the UAE is a separate topic of conversation. There is endless debate as to how much the Red and Marmara Seas can be compared with the Persian Gulf and the Indian Ocean coast near the UAE. Therefore, experienced and novice divers ponder where to go to rest and dive.

Pros and Cons of Holidays in the Emirates

So, leaving work at home, you decide to hit the road. The UAE unites 7 states, which are located on the shores of the Persian and Oman Gulf. It is best to come for diving in the UAE in January-April. In summer, the climate for Western tourists is unbearably hot here, the sun is hot up to +50 ° С. And the water for scuba diving will be too cloudy. Limited visibility will not make your dream come true and you will not be able to fully enjoy scuba diving. But it is for the sake of these emotions that many make a trip to the ocean.

Choosing an active holiday in winter, you will not face the problem of muddy water. Anyway, sometimes you really want to arrange a summer holiday for yourself in the middle of winter.

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Scuba diving infrastructure at international coastal hotels is well developed throughout. Novice divers can go to the first diving school here, at the end of which they will be issued an Open Water certificate. If you listen to the mentor carefully, the danger of diving with a professional is minimized.

Diving for Beginners

Recreational diving in the UAE is quite safe for novice divers, which is why it was invented for amateurs of deep-sea walks. Even a child or teenager can swim and scuba dive with the help of an experienced instructor. Of course, at first, these will be shallow places.

Beginners and experienced divers have different requirements for resorts and diving club services. But for any diver, it is important to find a beautiful place for spearfishing, so that corals and reefs guarantee vivid emotions, and marine life is amazed at the diversity.

In winter, on the shores of the Emirates, you can see whale sharks, and exotic marine life will surely swim past you. If you are lucky, you will meet here both large sea turtles and important inhabitants of the depths – octopuses. If desired, all this can be filmed with a camera.

Learning to Dive

Diving instructors in the UAE mainly speak English. Before swimming, they will introduce you to proper breathing techniques and instruct you on safe underwater behavior. An amateur who has not mastered the basic recommendations puts his life in high danger.

The dives are most often in the morning. It is forbidden to raise live corals to the surface, as well as to take them out of the country.

Someone likes to dive into the depths of the sea from the shore, someone from an island or a yacht, it is unforgettable to visit sunken objects.

You will not have any problems with diving equipment rental in the UAE if you show your diving certificate. If you intend to dive on your own, you will need to sign a Takeover Document.

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Diving professionals in the Emirates recommend that you ask your instructor for a protective wetsuit to keep you from being cut by sharp corals.


A vacation in Dubai will surely appeal to women who like to visit luxury shops.

Diving in Dubai from the west side can be frustrating for experienced divers. The urbanization of the coast has had a detrimental effect on the flora and fauna of the ocean. The fastest-growing city in the world has destroyed corals; there are no special stories with ships resting on the seabed either. But, on the other hand, there are three international status diving clubs: 7 Seas Divers, AL Boom Diving, and Scuba Arabia. Basic immersion skills are not difficult to acquire here.

More experienced divers can inspect especially flooded barges. Artificial flooding was carried out in the 60s of the last century, 15 ships are located at a depth of about 30 meters. A boat goes to the cemetery of ships, the journey takes about 15 minutes.

Among the sunken barges, there is a dry cargo ship in the hold of which cars rest at the bottom of the sea, stingrays and tuna live on the other ship. The water in Dubai will not be too clear, and prices may bite. Rest and diving in Dubai can be safely classified as expensive.


The east coast is underdeveloped in terms of diving in the UAE. However, what is bad for the usual tourist is good for the diver. Corral reefs here have not been destroyed by civilization, which is why the underwater world is diverse. Here you can see a stingray or moray eel, a lobster, or a turtle. Underwater currents are quite common, but they are not dangerous. There are professional diving clubs, among which there is even one with Russian-speaking specialists. It’s called Ocean Divers.

Scuba divers most often dive from islands or cliffs. Lovers of caves can explore several underwater niches and grottoes here at once.

One of the Diversdown dive centers in Fujairah is located in the Miramar 5 * hotel, Al Akka. Near the Indian Ocean.


Two hours’ drive northeast of Dubai, there is a beautiful underwater destination called Musandam. This is a peninsula in Northern Oman, a protected ocean with mangroves and mountains, white sand, and whale sharks.

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In winter, the water temperature is about +24, in summer it warms up to +30 degrees. In fact, this is the northernmost peak of the Emirates. Oman is surrounded by the Emirates. An Emirates visa is sufficient for travel, it is preferable to travel through the checkpoint in a local car or taxi to avoid the proceedings with insurance on the rented car. You can also get here by water from Dibba.

Going out to sea while diving in the Emirates takes place on boats designed for 15 scuba divers, in the program 2-3 dives and lunch.

For experienced scuba divers, the north of the peninsula, which resembles the waters of the Maldives, will seem especially interesting. Here are deep places of unique beauty, in some places, strong currents, and you can also meet large living creatures.

There are many beautiful places in Musandam for mid-level divers, the current is quieter here. Professionals help beginners and experienced scuba divers to make an unforgettable dive. There are no luxurious comfortable yachts for divers here, but scuba diving here is really exciting.

Night Dives

Diving in the UAE is also possible at night. It is interesting that under the cover of night in the depths of the sea, living creatures that cannot be seen during the day float. Vivid impressions are guaranteed to you. But such dives are possible only if there is a group of at least three divers who want to “go into the night”. 

These extreme divers must have daytime diving experience. It should be borne in mind that not every instructor will agree to a night adrenaline dive. But it will be an unforgettable journey, as the whole excursion to the world of the East as a whole. Perhaps after such adventures, diving will become a way of life for you.

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