Desert Lakes: the Arab Emirates and Water Wonders

4:19 pm  |  16.08.2021
Desert Lakes

From the Palm Islands to the tallest skyscrapers. There is no shortage of world-famous attractions in Dubai.

Moon Lake 

A new attraction has appeared in Dubai’s Al Qudra district – a crescent-shaped lake. It is located in the middle of the desert, surrounded by dunes and bushes.

As noted by users of social networks, the lake has become another “hidden gem” of the UAE. Untouched nature and oryx. You can only get to the lake by SUV.

The Al Qudra Desert is famous for another attraction – the Lakes of Love. If you fly over the lakes in a hot air balloon, you can also read the word LOVE, formed by trees planted in the desert.

The scenic Al Qudra Lakes is a half-hour drive from Dubai. This is one of the few places in Dubai where you can see wildlife. Sand foxes and oryxes, in their natural habitat. More than 170 species of birds nest on the lakes. Swans, geese, ducks, and flamingos. Some of the birds, such as the steppe eagle and the wiggle, are the participants of the Red Book.

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In March 2020, a lake with the symbols of the EXPO 2020 world exhibition was opened in the Dubai desert. It is located near the Al Maktoum International Airport. Passengers of airliners can see the lake from the windows.

Pink Lake

In the United Arab Emirates discovered a new unique natural landmark – “Pink Lake”. A pond with an unusual watercolor was discovered by a local 19-year-old student Ammar Al Farsi.

He launched a drone and filmed in the Al Rams area of ​​the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah. Pictures of a lake with rose water – 10 m wide and 40 m long. They were taken 100 meters from the coast, on the Saray Islands.

Unique photographs quickly spread on social media. The pink color of the water is due to the blooming unicellular algae called Dunaliella salina. The color is also provided by halobacteria, which thrive in saltwater. They secrete carotenoid red pigments. It is curious that similar algae bloom in the Dead Sea.

Dr. Seif Al Gays, Director General, Ras Al Khaimah Environment and Development Authority. He noted: “The water turns pink due to the proliferation of red algae – there are more than 4,000 species.” He added that in order to establish the true causes of the change in watercolor, it is necessary to collect and analyze its samples in the laboratory.

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Earlier, in December 2020, on the territory of the neighboring emirate of Umm al-Quwain, in the Khor Al Yeefrah area, the visitors could see the Mangrove Beach. The beach is open to residents of the region and visitors from neighboring regions. The Department of Tourism and Antiquities of Umm Al Quwain implemented the project. The main objective of the project is to promote ecological tourism and draw attention to the process of preserving mangroves.

Mangrove Beach is the first of its kind in the Northern Emirate. Currently, it is being actively arranged for visitors. It is an important place for sports and active lifestyle lovers. The new direction will contribute to the development of national tourism in the UAE. The authorities of the emirate are actively working with relevant departments to preserve natural biodiversity.

Love Lake

The Love Lake is two lakes in the shape of intertwined hearts, located near the Al Qudra Oasis. The lake is a colossal 550,000 sq. meters. You can see it even from space.

Located at a considerable distance from the urban area, Love Lake is a real oasis in the desert. The lake stretches to the very horizon.

Visitors can reach Al Qudra Lakes from Dubai in just half an hour. People come here to have a good time in the bosom of nature: organize a picnic, ride a bike, watch 170 species of waterfowl.

One can only imagine how much time, effort, and money was invested in creating such a place in reality. Pay attention to the hundreds of types of shrubs. More than 16 thousand trees and thousands of colorful flowers.

The Love Lake was opened to visitors in November 2018. Although Love Lake has become the most popular Middle Eastern destination among romantics, in order to truly appreciate its beauty, you need to look at it at least from a height of 50 meters. Otherwise, it is a pond with a small border.

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You will want to see this place from a helicopter or drone. For these actions, you will have to obtain permission. And if none of these options work for you, then you can simply browse photos of Love Lake on the Internet or see them using the Google Earth app.

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