Deira: One of the Historic Districts of the City of Dubai

10:04 am  |  07.05.2021

Tower Clock Roundabout in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

One of the historic areas of Dubai Deira is on the right bank of Creek Bay, which divides Dubai into two parts. Deira is also a resort and suburb that is part of Dubai. From the north, the area is bounded by the Persian Gulf and to the east by the city of Sharjah. On the coast of Deira, there is a marina for ships and yachts sailing to Dubai, the port of Said, where it is interesting to observe the life of the whole city.

Along most of the bay from Deira lies a wide embankment, convenient for walking along the coast. You can take a water taxi, abra, that will quickly take you from Deira to the shore of Bur Dubai. The Dow itself is like the pulsating heart of the city. Dubai is the most important port between East and West. A walk along Khor Dubai will be interesting. This is a remarkable combination of chaos and the charm of the Arab world.

Previously, the area was known for its large stores of household appliances, consumer electronics, carpets, furs, plumbing, and many other products that were popular with tourists. Some still work today, such as Deira City Center and Al Gureir City, but today Deira is also a place that has become known throughout the world through the artificial islands of Palma Deira.

The Deira area is now connected to the neighboring Bar Dubai by four bridges – Al Maktoum, the pontoon bridge Floating Bridge, the Giroud bridge, the Business Bay bridge, and one Shindag tunnel. In addition, a highway connecting Dubai to the capital of the neighboring Emirate of Sharjah passes through the area. Deir Creek Creek Bay has two major highways, Al Maktoum Road and Banyas Road.

Deir is home to Dubai International Airport and airline offices. 

Among the main attractions of the district of Deira is the building of Dubai municipality, office of telecommunications operator Etisalat, square «Banyaz», also known as «Nasser Square», «Clock Tower», square with watches, «Deira City Centre», «Al Gureir City», «Al Mula Plaza» Gold Market, Seafood Market, Spice Market, Airport Road and Rigga Road Streets, Deira Mamzar District, where Mamzar Park and Beach and others are located.

To the west, in the oldest shopping district in Deira, there is a boom in the Murshid Bazar market. Here you buy everything you can imagine. The very first bazaar is called Spice Sook. This is an unforgettable Eastern flavor kingdom – the spice market. Another famous market is the gold market. The Gold Sook Market has over 400 jewelry stores made of precious metals. Both gold in bullion and gems are sold here. Nearby is another large, indoor market of Deira, which sells a variety of Arab goods.

The next essential attribute of Deira is the fish market. There are many people in the morning and in the evening, as fishermen and traders bring in fresh catch. The diversity of fish and seafood species in the region is striking. The fish market in Deir offers mackerel, hamur, barracuda, sultan Ibrahim, sultan hebi, sherry, lobster, oysters, shrimp, crabs, and other exotic seafood. Prices here are much lower than in the shop. Here you can also clean the purchased fish for a certain fee.

If you are interested in textile products, it is best to go to the covered market of Naif Sook, which is an area with a white fort with serrated walls in the center. Here you can buy fabrics, clothes, goods for women, bags, shoes, goods for children.

They radiate magnificently with glass and metal, symbolizing the financial well-being of the entire region. Among the most important buildings are the Dubai Festival Centre, the Century Village Restaurant Complex, the Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club Golf Club, and Golf Club.

Among the main attractions of the Deira area is the Heritage House. It is a large museum with an interesting exhibition of traditional household goods and furniture. A walk on Al Rigga Boulevard with many boutiques, cafés, and diners will leave no one indifferent.

Tourists are also encouraged to visit another attraction in Deira, the very first school in Dubai Al Ahmadiyah. It was built in 1912 at the expense of a wealthy pearl merchant, it was the only educational institution for a long time, and today it is a monument of architecture and a museum.

Hotels of world brands offer all possibilities for comfortable accommodation. Here you will find both the highest service and a great kitchen and your own beaches. The most popular hotels among tourists are Sheraton Deira, Hyatt Regency Dubai, Sofitel. 

The Radisson Deira Creek, Sheraton Deira, Metropolitan Palace, Hilton Deira, Hyatt Regency, Comfort Inn, Carlton Tower are the ideal accommodation.

Mainly in this area of Dubai city hotels with moderate prices are predominant, but they do not have their own beaches, so almost all hotels to reach them offer a free bus that takes the route several times a day.

A holiday in Deir is a good choice for a tourist, especially if you are a shopping enthusiast. There are more than 340 shops, boutiques, and supermarkets in the Deira area. According to some sources, up to 20 million people, a year come here.


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