Deira Clocktower: One of the Most Popular Places in UAE

8:32 pm  |  05.09.2021
The Clocktower

A well-known landmark of Dubai is the Deira Clocktower. This is located in the district of Deira where you can also read the current time. Furthermore, you can already see it from afar.

Information about the Deira Clocktower

Many tourists probably do not know the Deira Clocktower because it is a sight that is not so famous. This is located in an environment where not quite as many tourists. That’s why many do not face them. Unless you do a Dubai city tour and then it can be that you drive past there. It is a so-called clock tower of which of course counts the history of Emirate Dubai. This was built in 1965 and there was not everything so modern in Dubai. If you drive from Dubai Airport towards Deira then you will probably pass there because this is nearby.

Location and Address

The Deira Clocktower is located on a traffic island where a roundabout is located. There driving thousands of cars daily and these can then read the current time there very practical. In the middle of the monument, there is still a small fountain. 

The exact address is Al Maktoum Road, InterSection D89, and Umm Hurrair Rd. But if you want to look at it then you always have to take care of the traffic since this is located in the middle of the traffic island. It is best if you can go there by taxi. If you use the Metro Station Deira City Center then you can walk from there too. The Shopping Mall Deira City Center is located near the closest that you can still look at if you want. It is not very far from Dubai Creek.

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The Clock Tower is approximately a kilometer from Deira City Center or Al Rigga Metro Station.

You can walk on foot, but difficult. First, it is difficult to navigate the landmarks in this area. Secondly, it will often have to move the road, and the pedestrian crossings still have to search.

It’s easier to drive from the metro station to Deira City Center or Al Rigga and catch a taxi there. The minimum cost of a taxi trip to Dubai – 12 Dirhams, which is this amount and pay.

To ride and especially watching the TV Tower Deira In our opinion, there is no good point, since this is not the most interesting sight of Dubai. It is better to combine with a visit to the CITY CITTER shopping center. Then back to catch a taxi to the Metro Deira City Center for the same 12 dirhams, the TRC is near this station.

If you want to see the tower very close, then do it not easy. It is located in the center of a circular junction, and there is no pedestrian crossing to it, and the movement is lively. You can try to run the road. But remember that in this case, you act at your own risk.

If not sorry for the money, you can take a taxi right away. Since Dubai is a big city, then it is impossible to predict exactly the cost of the trip – from 12 to 100 dirhams, depends on the range.

Opening Hours

Since this is a public memorial at the Deira Clocktower you can watch this at any time of day and at night. Furthermore, this is still spectacularly illuminated at night what looks very nice. Thus, there are some sights that you can watch. For tourists, it is certainly interesting to get to know the older Dubai.


You do not have to pay there. It is a free attraction in Dubai that can be visited. However, you do not need a long time and you can only make a few photos. As already mentioned, there are still more attractions nearby. We recommend going to Creek and make a tour with an ABRA there. That does not cost much and you have seen a lot.


 Very impressive is certainly the story of the Deira Clocktower. This was a gift from the ruler from Doha in Qatar. At first, you did not know what you should do with it. 

Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum prompt then find a suitable place. Of course, there was still a desert and no high traffic. To date, the monument is still the same place and nothing has changed. On many postcards, this is still mapped because it is an important landmark of Dubai. The Deira Clocktower today belongs to the historical sights of Dubai.

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You Can Take Pictures There

Of course, you can also take pictures from Deira Clocktower. However, this is on a traffic island and it is difficult there anyway because of the cars. You have to be particularly careful there, of course, the cars do not like to stop. It is also available during a city tour through Dubai to make photos there while passing.

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Our Rating

If you’re staying in this city district of Dubai then you should look at the Deira Clocktower. He looks impressive with the clock in the middle and the fountain. There you can quickly recognize the Dubai is a very rich country.

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  2. […] Deira Clocktower: One of the Most Popular Places in […]

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