Deep Dive Dubai: The Deepest Pool in the World

1:21 pm  |  29.07.2021
Deep Dive Dubai: The Deepest Pool in the World

Ever higher, ever further, ever bigger: Dubai is known for its spectacular buildings and sights that are setting one world record after another. Whether skyscrapers, Ferris wheels, or fountains: Most of the highlights in Dubai shoot “high”.

But Deep Dive Dubai goes in a completely different direction. The new diving center sets a new world record as the deepest pool in the world. From now on, divers can slide down to a depth of 60 meters and get to know a whole new kind of underwater world. We present the new attraction in Dubai in more detail.

In the Guinness Book of Records: Deep Dive Dubai in Numbers

The developers at Deep Dive Dubai have implemented an amazing construction project. The 1,500 square meter diving center is located in the Nad Al Sheba district – around 15 minutes by car southeast of downtown Dubai. While the facade is reminiscent of a gigantic oyster, from the outside one cannot guess that the inside of the pool is 60 meters deep.

Main building view

The pool is filled with 14 million liters of water, which corresponds to the capacity of six Olympic swimming pools. Deep Dive Dubai has already secured entry in the Guinness Book of Records. Compared to the previous record-holder, Deep Dive Dubai is 145 meters deeper and even four times larger. On the surface, the pool is 27 meters long and 17 meters wide, while the 60 meters deep and the circular shaft has a diameter of 10 meters. The diving experience is pleasantly warm: the water temperature is 30 degrees.

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NASA Technology in Use: Unique Water Filter System

To keep the water in the pool fresh at all times, the water is cleaned every 6 hours. One of the largest and fastest filter systems is used for this. First, the water is passed through siliceous volcanic rock, which removes coarse-grained particles such as dust, debris, and other organic matter. Then an ionization process specially developed by NASA fights bacteria. And finally, two huge UV reactors disinfect the water, which completely kills all bacteria. The water is then set back to the operating temperature and pumped back into the pool.

Diving team after a successful dive

Deep Dive Dubai: a Fascinating Underwater World

Divers exploring Deep Dive Dubai do not encounter a simple diving tube but experience a fascinating and colorful underwater world. The plunge pool is divided into several levels, which reflect the theme of a sunken city. For example, there is an abandoned apartment, a garage, slot machines, pool tables, graffiti on the walls, and many other surprises. Divers can even visit two underwater stations at depths of six and 21 meters. There is a drying chamber available to them from where they can communicate with the station on the surface of the pool.

Diver and underwater bike

The scenery is supported by a total of 27 loudspeakers, which add atmospheric music to the dive or pass-on announcements. In addition, 164 lights in the pool are used for orientation and create a special underwater atmosphere. And just in case, a total of 56 cameras are attached to all corners of the pool, so that any incidents and problems with divers can be quickly identified.

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Underwater game

For Beginners and Professionals: The Diving Courses at Deep Dive Dubai

Deep Dive Dubai is aimed at everyone who is interested in diving. Both introductory courses and training units for experienced divers are possible here. The diving center, certified by the PADI as a Five Star Instructor Development Center, also offers diving professionals extensive training opportunities. It is also part of the GUE (Global Underwater Explorers) network, which, in addition to diving training programs, also aims to protect the underwater world.

The diving offers consist of three categories:

  • Discover: For beginners who want to get to know the first steps in scuba diving and freediving (Scuba Diving certificate, Open Water Diver courses, or Basic Freediver).
  • Dive: advanced diving as part of the respective certification as a scuba diver or freediver.
  • Develop Advanced courses and expansion of diving skills as a scuba diver and freediver.

Diving, photo, and film equipment are available for hire on site.

Fascinating view in the water

From the Restaurant to the Pressure Chamber: Further Highlights in the Diving Center

The longest pool in the world is far from everything: Visitors to Deep Dive Dubai can use many other facilities in the diving center.

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In addition to the Dive Shop, where a wide variety of diving merchandise items are available, there will be space for up to 80 people in the in-house restaurant. The special thing about it: It is located lower down right next to the plunge pool. While eating, visitors can look through large window panes and watch the divers “paddle”.

Diving center restaurant

The pressure chamber will be ready for operation in the course of 2021. There, divers who suffer from decompression sickness or have other driving accidents are treated. Equipped with televisions and lounge chairs, it can accommodate up to ten people.

In addition, there are rooms in the building with modern multimedia equipment for conferences, meetings, or even lessons, some of which also offer a view of the pool. Even an underwater film studio with an editing room is available for film teams, video and photo productions.

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