Creating an Encyclopedia for Tourists in Dubai: Useful Information for Foreigners

11:58 pm  |  10.10.2023

In this article we will know about the origins of the electronic tourist encyclopedia in Dubai, exploring both its creators and the timeframe of its inception.

Major General Obaid Muhair bin Surroor, who is the Deputy Directorate General of Residency and International Relations in Dubai, has created the “Dubai Electronic Document System”, which is nothing less than an encyclopedia of all travel documents for all countries of the world. 

Note. The main purpose of creating the encyclopedia is to improve security, as well as support the digital development of the Dubai government.

In addition, it was noted that similar analogs of encyclopedias have already been created in countries such as the Netherlands, Canada, the USA, and Australia. Thanks to this system, you can easily determine the authenticity of travel documents.

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Why and for What

Dubai view

It was also said that the updated system will strengthen the security system of the country’s digital industry, as well as strengthen the reputation of the country, and in particular the emirate of Dubai.

It is worth noting that the department’s “Document Inspection Center” has already received international accreditation.

In addition, the department will continue to introduce new technologies in the immigration field. The newly introduced system makes it possible to verify the authenticity of documents required for international travel in a matter of minutes.

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Absolutely every person arriving in Dubai is required to fill out a “declaration of their state of health” and also report their well-being. A form to fill out will be given to each passenger on board the aircraft. After boarding, each passenger undergoes a body temperature measurement procedure, and everyone must install the COVID-19 DXB app on their smartphone.

According to the terms of the encyclopedia, all tourists must have international medical insurance, which in case of anything will cover all treatment costs.

When going on holiday to Dubai, be sure to take advantage of an electronic encyclopedia for tourists, which describes all the necessary information.

After leaving the airport in Dubai, tourists can visit various attractions mentioned in the encyclopedia.

Heart of the UAE

Dubai can be considered the “heart” of the United Arab Emirates. Dubai is located between the capital of the UAE, Abu Dhabi, and the emirate of Sharjah. Moreover, despite all the Muslim rules and strict laws, Dubai is one of the most open cities in the world.

Walking through the city, you’ll see locals dressed in traditional clothing. However, it happens that they wear what they want, and you no longer know whether the person in front of you is a local resident or not. It is known that the younger generation is drawn to the West, as a result almost the entire population of the UAE speaks English.

In addition, the city of Dubai boasts of competent distribution of resources. The fact is that just 50 years ago, in the territory of the current metropolis, there was a lifeless desert, and the population was only a few Bedouin houses. The discovery of oil enabled the city to quickly recover and develop itself. As a result, Dubai has now become a futuristic city, with automation and human comfort at the center of everything.

As mentioned above, there used to be a desert where Dubai used to be. It is still hot in the city today, but the air temperature remains at +40°C. The government and the nature protection service are carefully trying to green the city. That is why palm trees, shrubs, and flowers are planted throughout the city. The condition of the flora is monitored and controlled very carefully.

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The advantage to everything is that the source of fresh water is monitored no less than the plants. For example, if you walk around the city, you can see many luxurious fountains.

Gold ATM

Important info. It is a well-known fact that gold is highly valued by UAE residents, to the extent that gold is virtually ubiquitous in the country, with vending machines dispensing gold bars. Such machines are located in shopping centers, in case someone “urgently needs to purchase a few pieces.”

Having visited the cities of the UAE, and in particular Dubai, you will be haunted by the feeling that this country is constantly competing with the whole world. However, there is some truth in this, since it is also a national tradition, one might even say a feature that characterizes the entire Arab people. To understand this, just look at the roads of the Emirates. In no country in the world is it possible to see 20 supercars on the same highway at the same time? In addition, the Arabs approach the choice of an iron horse with such trepidation that after the purchase they decorate the car with gold, and diamonds, in general, they do everything to stand out from the crowd.

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