Cost of living in Dubai: Everything About Living

1:56 pm  |  24.06.2023
Cost of living in Dubai

Due to hardly any taxes, the cost of living in Dubai is very approachable and you can still reduce it if you want. In this article, you will learn exactly how to do this.

All About the Cost of Living in Dubai

There are more and more people who want to emigrate to Dubai. The reason is certainly that the weather is always good there and the sun shines practically every day. You can also benefit from the tax exemption and much more. The emirate of Dubai has become a very modern city with a high quality of life. This of course attracts many people from all over the world. There are now also many immigrants who work there and it is estimated that there are already over 10,000. If you are interested in it, then you should also find out beforehand about the cost of living and how expensive or cheap life there actually is.

You have to be able to afford it so you can live there. But the most important information first is that most people usually only live there for a few years to make good money. As a foreigner, there is no way to get citizenship in the United Arab Emirates. It is possible if you have enough capital in the bank account that you can stay there longer, for example over the winter. Here you should find out more about our posts about the retirement visa and about emigrating to Dubai. In any case, the temptation is very great and you always have to think twice about this step. There are also many who would like to gain experience abroad and that is of course also possible there.

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About the Rent

One of the most important factors in the cost of living is of course the rent. That’s where you’ll spend most of your money. The first thing you should always ask yourself is what your requirements are and whether you want to live in an apartment or in a luxury villa with a pool. Of course, there are big differences in what you can imagine. A rough guide is certainly that you can rent a nice apartment in a tower that costs around 1,700 dollars per month.


These are average values ​​that you have to pay for there. But you should know right away that you don’t pay per month there, but the amount has to be paid for the whole year. That means 12 months as an advance payment. If you want more luxury and want to move into a villa, you can easily pay 5,600 to 6,600 dollars per month there. 

Food Prices

If you live in Dubai then you also need groceries that you have to buy in the supermarket. There you have a lot of different options. You can use local products that are significantly cheaper. But if you buy imported groceries in Dubai, you pay significantly more there. So you have it in your own hands how much you want to invest there. But at the end of the month, you can collect between 350 and 550 dollars there again.

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You need a means of transport to get around the city. Of course, this is also part of the cost of living. It is certainly best if you have your own car and the petrol prices in Dubai are very cheap. You only pay around 0.50 dollars for 1 liter of petrol there, so driving in Dubai is a lot of fun. But you have to buy a car first. You can get almost all car brands there from cheap to expensive. You can also use the taxi or the Dubai Metro.

Electricity, Water, Air Conditioning, Garbage, Telephone, Internet

Of course, the electricity costs and water also have to be paid in the Emirate of Dubai. There are also living expenses. Furthermore, you certainly have a smartphone and internet access in the apartment. Then you have to pay a contribution for the garbage disposal. If you add everything up there, you can easily add up to another 300 dollars per month. A big advantage is certainly that local calls are free.

Cost of Living for School and Kindergarten

If you have children, they have to go to school too. You should know that there are excellent schools in Dubai. There you have the option of being taught according to a European, British or American curriculum. Attending a kindergarten in Dubai is also not free and you have to pay a fee for it.

Leisure Activities and Restaurants

You will certainly want to visit one of the well-known sights in Dubai, such as the Burj Khalifa viewing platform. Or you want to go to a cinema and watch the latest Hollywood film. Furthermore, it is always very popular to visit a restaurant in the Dubai Marina and much more. There are other living costs that should not be underestimated. But you can determine all of these yourself. You should calculate there again around 300 dollars per month. It always depends on what ideas you have and what standard of living you want to enjoy.

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Save Money with Low Taxes

Dubai Metro train in the evening

One of the main reasons why the Emirate of Dubai is so interesting is that there are hardly any or very low taxes. In the meantime, you also pay a value-added tax of five percent there. But that’s still very low when you compare it to other countries. A big advantage is that you don’t have to pay any income tax at all. If you then have a well-paid job in Dubai, then at the end of the month there will of course be more leftover than you can imagine. This increases the quality of life significantly because you can simply afford more.

The Average Cost of Living Per Month

Food court in Dubai

Finally, we come to the monthly living expenses if you take the average. You can easily get to 2,900 dollars per month there if you add it all up. But if, as already mentioned, you have a good job where you might get 5,500 dollars a month for it, then 2,500 are leftover at the end of the month. The subject of emigrating to Dubai should always be considered carefully and the employer then usually offers an attractive job in the Emirates. As a rule, most of them stay for a few years and then return home. But there are also more and more wealthy pensioners who are spending their old age there. There you should already have a larger sum in the bank account than you can imagine.

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